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Abé, Shana        The Last Mermaid
Adair, Cherry        Tropical Heat
Adams, Elianne        Her Gingerbread Dragon
Adornetto, Alexandra        Halo
Albert, Michele        Hide in Plain Sight
Alden, Jami        Tempted
Allende, Isabel        Zorro
Anders, Karen        Dangerous Curves
Andersen, Jessica        Blood Spells
           Crystal Skull
           Storm Kissed
Anderson, Toni        Dangerous Waters
           Dark Waters
Andre, Bella        Wild Heat
Antonelli, Sandra        A Basic Renovation
Ashenden, Jackie        Never Seduce a Sheikh
Ashley, Amanda        Born of the Night
Ashley, Kristen        Every Year
Austen, Jane        Emma
Austin, Nicole        Erotique
Ayre, Solange        Bride’s Holiday Gift
Ayres, D.D.        Explosive Forces
           Force of Attraction
           Irresistible Force
           Necessary Force
           Primal Force
           Rival Forces
Balogh, Mary        The Devil’s Web
Banks, L.A.        Make It Last Forever
           Ride the Night Wind
Banks, Maya        The Darkest Hour
           Hidden Away
           No Place To Run
Barnett, Jolyse        Christmas Light
Barrett, Elisabeth        Blaze of Winter
           Christmas in Tahoe
           Deep Autumn Heat
           Long Simmering Spring
           New Year’s in Napa
           Slow Summer Burn
Barnett, Jill        Wonderful
Barrett, Gail        His 7-Day Fiancée
Barry, C.J.        Redemption
Becker, James        The Lost Testament
Beishir, Norma        Dance of the Gods
Belfrage, Anna        In the Shadow of the Storm
Bell, Adrienne        Second Chances
Bianchin, Helen        Public Marriage, Private Secrets
Bird, Jessica        Leaping Hearts
Black, Jaid        Hunter’s Oath
Black, Tasha        Bond
Blackstream, Jennifer        What Big Teeth You Have
Blackwell, Juliet        Queen of Hearts
Blade, Veronica        From Fame to Shame
Blakley-Cartwright, Sarah        Red Riding Hood
Blayney, Mary        Playing For Keeps
Blount, Patty        Goodness and Light (or A Match Made at Christmas)
Bowlin, Chasity        The Beast of Bath
           The Enticement of an Earl
           The Haunting of a Duke
           The Redemption of a Rogue
Boykin, Kim        Just In Time For Christmas
Bradley, Anna        Lady Charlotte’s First Love
           Lady Eleanor’s Seventh Suitor
           Twelfth Night With the Earl
Bradley, Celeste        The Charmer
           The Impostor
           One Night with a Spy
           The Pretender
           The Rogue
           Seducing the Spy
           The Spy
           Surrender to a Wicked Spy
           To Wed a Scandalous Spy
           Wedding Knight
Brady, Kate        Last To Die
           One Scream Away
           Where Angels Rest
           Where Evil Waits
Brant, Kylie        11
           Deadly Dreams
           Deadly Intent
           Deadly Sins
           Secrets of the Dead
           Waking the Dead
           Waking Evil
           Waking Nightmare
           What the Dead Know
Bravo Adams, Caridad        La mentira
Brockmann, Suzanne        All Through the Night
           Breaking Point
           The Defiant Hero
           Do Or Die
           Force of Nature
           Gone Too Far
           Hot Target
           Into the Night
           Into the Storm
           Out of Control
           Over the Edge
           The Unsung Hero
           When Tony Met Adam
Brockway, Connie        First Night / Her Captive
Brook, Meljean        Falling for Anthony
Brookes, Calle J.        God of Nightmares
Brown, Dan        Angels & Demons
           The Da Vinci Code
           The Lost Symbol
Brown, Sandra        Fat Tuesday
Browne, Renni        Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
Bruhns, Nina        Enemy Husband
           The Forbidden Enchantment
           Top-Secret Bride
Burns, Monica        Assassin’s Heart
           Assassin’s Honor
Burton, Jaci        The Perfect Play
           Running Mate
Burton, Mary        Dead Ringer
           Dying Scream
Bush, Nancy        Sinister
Butcher, Shannon K.        Burning Alive
           The Collector
           No Escape
           No Control
           No Regrets
           Living on the Edge
Byrd, Rhyannon        Last Wolf Standing
Callen, Alissa        Cherish Me, Cowboy
           Her Mistletoe Cowboy
Callihan, Kristen        Firelight
Cameron, Marc        National Security
Canham, Marsha        The Blood of Roses
           In the Shadow of Midnight
           The Last Arrow
           The Pride of Lions
           Through a Dark Mist
           Under the Desert Moon
Cannon, Molly        Have Yourself a Messy Little Christmas
Carlisle, Kate        Homicide in Hardcover
Carney, Dee        Love After Midnight
Carr, Mari        Come Monday
Carrington, Tori        A Few Good Men (anthology)
Carroll, Marisa        Breaking All The Rules
Carsen, Sela        Runespell
Cartland, Barbara        Beauty or Brains?
Case, Ember        My Christmas Wish
Casey, Ember        The Secret to Seduction
Cassady, Eva        The Adultery Diet
Cassidy, Carla        Heiress Recon
           Interrogating the Bride
           Scene of the Crime: Bachelor Moon
           Scene of the Crime: Bridgewater, Texas
Casper, Maggie        Maverick’s Black Cat
Cast, P.C.        Candy Cox and the Big Bad (Were)Wolf
Castillo, Linda        In the Dead of Night
Castle, Jayne        After Dark
           After Glow
           Canyons of Night
           Dark Light
           Deception Cove
           Ghost Hunter
           The Hot Zone
           Illusion Town
           The Lost Night
           Midnight Crystal
           Obsidian Prey
           Siren’s Call
           Silver Master
Castle, Richard        Heat Wave
           Naked Heat
Celmer, Michelle        Starstruck
Chapman, Janet        Charming the Highlander
Cheever, Sam        Nocked for a Loop
Childs, Lisa        Déjà Vu
           Nothing Says Christmas Like A Vampire
Ciotta, Beth        Charmed
Clare, Pamela        Breaking Point
           Dead by Midnight
           Extreme Exposure
           First Strike
           Hard Evidence
           Heaven Can’t Wait
           Naked Edge
           Seduction Game
           Skin Deep
           Soul Deep
           Striking Distance
           Unlawful Contact
Clark, Jaycee        Deadly Beginnings
           Deadly Shadows
           Deadly Ties
Clark, Mary Jane        When Day Breaks
Clee, Adele        A Curse of the Heart
           The Secret to Your Surrender
           To Save a Sinner
           A Simple Case of Seduction
           What Every Lord Wants
Cole, Kresley        If You Dare
           If You Deceive
           If You Desire
           The Warlord Wants Forever
Cole, Scarlett        Under Fire
Collins, Colleen        Watching It Go Up
Collins, James        Love in the Air
Cooke, Deborah        Kiss of Fire
           Kiss of Fury
Connor, Kerry        Trusting a Stranger
Cornelison, Beth        Blackout at Christmas
           The Christmas Stranger
Crandall, Susan        Pitch Black
           Seeing Red
Craven, Sara        Summer of the Raven
Creighton, Kathleen        Lazlo’s Last Stand
Cross, Kaylea        Absolution
           Cover of Darkness
           No Turning Back
           Out Of Her League
Cruise, Anna        Down By The Water
Curtis, Emmy        Blowback
           Dangerous Territory
           Over the Line
           Pushing The Limit
Curtis, Cassandra        The Ghost of Goodacre Hall
           Mummy Dearest
Cussler, Clive        Atlantis Found
           Trojan Odyssey
           Valhalla Rising
Dahl, Victoria        Crazy For Love
Dale, Cheryl B.        Treacherous Beauties
Daniels, B.J.        Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch
           One Hot Forty-Five
           Smokin’ Six-Shooter
Daniels, Emma        Ocean of Fire
Dante, Kathleen        Entangled
Darcy, Lilian        Whirlwind Wedding
Dash, Sophie        Unmasking of a Lady
David, Jillian        Legacy of Lies
Davidson, MaryJanice        Alone Wolf
Davidson, Nicola        The Devil’s Submission
           Surrender to Sin
Davis, Dee        Chain Reaction
Davis, Jo        Line of Fire
           Ride the Fire
Davis, Justine        Deadly Temptation
           His Personal Mission
Dawn, Autumn        The Woman Inside
Day, Alyssa        Shifter’s Lady
Dean, Cate        Snow's Salvation
Dee, Bonnie        Blind Passion
           Shifter P.I.
Deleon, Jana        The Secret of Cypriere Bayou
Denison, Janelle        Into the Night
DePaul, Virna        Wild For Mr. Wrong
           Wraith’s Awakening
Deveaux, John        City Love
Devoti, Lori        The Vampire Who Stole Christmas
Docter, Karen        Cop On Her Doorstep
Dodd, Christina        In My Wildest Dreams
           Into the Flame
           Into the Shadow
           Just The Way You Are
           Kidnapped / Last Night
           The Lady and the Tiger
           The Listener
           Lost in Your Arms
           My Favorite Bride
           Scent of Darkness
           Touch of Darkness
           Virtue Falls
Donovan, Kate        Play by Play
Donovan, Marie        Her Last Line of Defense
           My Sexy Greek Summer
Douglas, Kate        Carved in Stone
Doyle, S.        The Bad Assassin
Doyle, Trudy        Making a Scene
Drake, Ella        Braided Silk
Drake, Piper J.        Absolute Trust
           Extreme Honor
           Ultimate Courage
Dumas, Alexandre        The Count of Monte Cristo
Duncan, Nikki        Sounds to Die By
Duras, Marguerite        Ljubimec (The Lover)
Duvall, Dianne        A Sorceress of His Own
Eason, Lynette        Too Close to Home
Eden, Cynthia        The Gathering Dusk
Elliot, Kendra        Her Grave Secrets
           On Her Father’s Grave
Ellwood, Leigh        Sugar on Top
Elsborg, Barbara        The Bad Widow
Enoch, Suzanne        After the Kiss
Ericson, Carol        The Stranger and I
Evanovich, Janet        The Rocky Road to Romance
Faletti, Giorgio        Io uccido (I Kill)
Feehan, Christine        Burning Wild
           Dangerous Tides
           Dark Blood
           Dark Celebration
           Dark Hunger
           Dark Lycan
           Dark Peril
           Dark Possession
           Dark Predator
           Dark Prince
           Dark Storm
           Dark Wolf
           Hidden Currents
           Magic in the Wind
           Murder Game
           Oceans of Fire
           Predatory Game
           Safe Harbor
           Shadow Game
           Shadow Reaper
           Shadow Rider
           Turbulent Sea
           The Twilight Before Christmas
Ferjutz, Kelly        Unexpected Comfort
Ferrarella, Marie        Becoming a Cavanaugh
           The Cavanaugh Code
           Cavanaugh Reunion
           The Heiress’s 2-Week Affair
           My Spy
           Racing Against Time
Fetzer, Amy J.        Tell It To the Marines (anthology)
Flinn, Alex        Beastly
Foley, Karen        Hold On To The Nights
Folsom, Tina        Amaury’s Hellion
           Gabriel’s Mate
           Samson’s Lovely Mortal
Force, Marie        The Fall
           Fatal Affair
           Fatal Justice
           True North
Forster, Suzanne        Shocking Lucy
Forsyth, Frederick        The Kill List
Foster, Lori        Back In Black
Fox, Elaine        The Princess & the Pinot
Fox, Tom        Dominus
Frank, Jacquelyn        Elijah
Fox, Cathryn        Holiday Spirit
Gaddy, Eve        Where There’s A Will
Gamble, Emelle        Duets
Garbera, Katherine        No Rest for the Wicked
           Where There’s A Will
Garwood, Julie        Murder List
           Shadow Dance
Gerard, Cindy        Desert Heat
           To The Edge
           To The Limit
           The Way Home
Gideon, Nancy        Warrior for One Night
Goldman, William        The Princess Bride
Grace, Ella        Midnight Lies
           Midnight Secrets
           Midnight Shadows
Gracen, Jennifer        All I Want For Christmas
Graham, Jennifer        Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell
           Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line
Grant, Rachel        Concrete Evidence
Grant, Susan        Mortal in Mysteria
Graves, Paula        Code Name: Willow
Gray, Ava        Skin & Bone
           Skin Game
Gray, Cecilia        Let It Snow
Greanias, Thomas        The Atlantis Prophecy
Green, Crystal        Down and Dirty
Green, Niki        The Real Deal
Greenwood, Emily        Gentlemen Prefer Mischief
Grey, Rinelle        Bringing Christmas to the Dragons
Grey, Zane        Wildfire
Grylls, Bear        Ghost Flight
Hambright, Jan        The Phantom of Black’s Cove
Handeland, Lori        Red Moon Rising
Harper, J. K.        Solstice Wolf
Hart, Megan        Switch
Harte, Marie        In Plain Sight
Hatler, Susan        Love At First Date
           The Perfect Kiss
           Truth or Date
Hauf, Michele        Kiss Me Deadly
Haymore, Jennifer        The Rogue’s Proposal
Heath, Lorraine        Between The Devil and Desire
           In Bed With The Devil
           Passions of a Wicked Earl
           Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman
           Surrender to The Devil
           Waking Up With the Duke
Heaton, Felicity        Ares
           Her Dark Angel
Henley, Virginia        Seduced
Herron, Rachael        A Christmas Yarn
Herron, Rita        All the Beautiful Brides
           All the Dead Girls
           All the Pretty Faces
           An Angel for Christmas
Hewitt, Kate        A Yorkshire Christmas
Hoag, Tami        Tempestuous / Restless Heart
Holly, Emma        The Night Owl
           Queen of All She Surveys
Holt, Desiree        Jungle Inferno
Holt, Victoria        On the Night of the Seventh Moon
Howard, Linda        Up Close and Dangerous
Hoyt, Elizabeth        To Taste Temptation
Hughley, Lisa        One Silent Night
Hunt, Loribelle        Mated By Christmas
Hunter, Kelly        What a Bride Wants
Hunter, Madeline        The Seducer
Hunter, Samantha        Caught in the Act
Ives, Susanna        Wicked Little Secrets
Ivy, Alexandra        Blood Assassin
           Born In Blood
           Out of Control
Jackson, Lisa        Sinister
Jade, Elsa        Alpha Star
Jade, Celia        Sweet Punishment
James, Elle        An Unexpected Clue
James, Julie        Just The Sexiest Man Alive
           A Lot Like Love
           Practice Makes Perfect
           Something About You
James, Lorelei        Strong, Silent Type
Jameson, Fionn        Waiting for Darkness
Jameson, Marianna        My Hero
Jay, Emma        Two-Step Temptation
Jennings, Elizabeth        Pursuit
           Shadows at Midnight
Johansen, Iris        The Golden Barbarian
Johns, Rachael        Tease Me, Cowboy
Johnston, Linda O.        Alaskan Wolf
Jones, Lisa Renee        Santa, Baby
Jordan, Crystal        Treasured
Jordan, Sophie        Surrender to Me
Kade, Cyna        Tessa’s Ambassador
Kallysten        Out of the Box
Kane, Andrea        Dark Room
           I’ll Be Watching You
           No Way Out
           Run For Your Life
           Scent of Danger
           Stone Cold
           Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Kane, Mallory        The Colonel’s Widow?
           Merry’s Christmas
           No Hero
           The Sharpshooter’s Secret Son
Kantra, Virginia        Midsummer Night’s Magic
           Sea Crossing
Kaye, Robin        Heat of the Moment
Keaton, Anna Leigh        Five Alarm Neighbor
           One Night of Paradise
           Rescue Me
Kees, Juanita        Whispers at Wongan Creek
Keith, Moira        Buckling Down
Kellison, Erin        Quantum
           Shadow Fall
Kelly, Dorien        Below Deck
Kelly, Leslie        Heated Rush
           Slow Hands
Kelly, Leslie A.        Cold Memory
           Cold Sight
           Cold Touch
Kelly, Vanessa        Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom
           Lost in a Royal Kiss
           Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard
           Tall, Dark and Royal
Kendall, Karen        An Affair to Remember
           Through the Roof
Keneally, Thomas        Schindler’s List
Kennedy, Elle        Going For It
           Silent Watch
           Witness Seduction
Kenner, Julie        Starstruck
           Wrapped and Ready
Kent, Alison        A Long, Hard Ride
           One Good Man
           Upstairs, Downstairs
Kent, Lavinia        Never and Forever
Kenyon, Sherrilyn        Acheron
           Bad Moon Rising
           The Dark-Hunter Companion
           The Dark-Hunters, Vol. 1 (art: Claudia Campos)
           Dark Side of the Moon
           Devil May Cry
           Dream Chaser
           The Dream Hunter
           Dream Warrior
           Fantasy Lover
           Fear the Darkness
           Fire And Ice
           Love Bytes
           One Silent Night
           Phantom Lover
           Seize the Night
           Shadow of the Moon
           Turn Up The Heat
           Until Death Do We Part
           Upon The Midnight Clear
           Winter Born
King, Dave        Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
King, Sherri L.        Moonlust
King, Stephen        It
           Pet Sematary
           The Shining
Kirk, Cindy        The Tycoon’s Son
Klein, K:C.        Hustlin’ Texas
Knight, Angela        Dragon Dance
           Mad Dog Love
           Seduction’s Gift
Knight, Deidre        Red Angel
Kohler, Sharie        Marked by Moonlight
Kovak, Xandrie        The Fervor
Kramer, Kieran        When Harry Met Molly
Krentz, Jayne Ann        All Night Long
           Copper Beach
           Dangerous Games
           Dream Eyes
           Falling Awake
           Fired Up
           In Too Deep
           Promise Not to Tell
           River Road
           The Scargill Cove Case Files
           Secret Sisters
           Trust No One
           Uneasy Alliance
           When All The Girls Have Gone
LaBrecque, Jennifer        Hot Wired
           In the Line of Fire
           Kids+Cops=Chaos / Moonstruck
           Triple Threat
Labuskes, Brianna        One Step Behind
LaFleur, Lynn        Door Prize
LaFoy, Leslie        The Proposition
Lane, Nina        Sweet Dreams
Lane, Vivian        Protector
Larsson, Stieg        The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Laska, Ruby        Miss Bonny’s Buried Treasure
Laurens, Stephanie        Melting Ice
Leclaire, Day        The Royal Wedding Night
Lee, Jade        The Concubine
           Getting Physical
Lee, Nadia        A Happily Ever After of Her Own
Leigh, Ellis        Baby Mine
           Claiming His Beauty
           Claiming His Chance
           Claiming His Desire
           Claiming His Fate
           Claiming His Fire
           Claiming His Need
           Claiming His Prize
           Claiming His Witch
           Claiming Their Christmas
           Claiming Their Forever (anthology)
           The Gathering: Blasius, Dante and Moira
           The Gathering: Gideon and Kalie
           The Gathering: Homecoming
           The Gathering: Killian and Lyra
           Savage Sacrifice
           Savage Sanctuary
           Savage Seduction
           Savage Silence
           Savage Surrender
Leigh, Lora        Aiden’s Charity
           Atlanta Heat
           Bengal’s Heart
           The Breed Next Door
           Coyote’s Mate
           Christmas Heat
           Dawn’s Awakening
           Elizabeth’s Wolf
           Harmony’s Way
           In A Wolf’s Embrace
           Jacob’s Faith
           Jaguar’s Kiss
           Kiss of Heat
           Lion’s Heat
           The Man Within
           Megan’s Mark
           Mercury’s War
           The One
           Primal Kiss
           Soul Deep
           Styx’s Storm
           Tanner’s Scheme
           Tempting the Beast
           Wolfe’s Hope
Leigh, Melinda        Gone to Her Grave
           Walking on Her Grave
Lejeune, Tamara        Heiress in His Bed
Lemmon, Jessica        Hard to Handle
Lennox, Marion        Christmas at Waratah Bay (or Christmas Down Under)
Lewis, Jennifer        After the Stroke of Midnight
           Black Sheep Billionaire
Lin, Jeannie        The Warlord and the Nightingale
Lockwood, Cara        I Do (But I Don’t)
Lodge, Susan        Rebellious Cargo
Logan, Elise        Firebird Sweet
Loren, Roni        The Ones Who Got Away
Love, Dianna        Midnight Kiss Goodbye
Lovelace, Merline        A Christmas Kiss
           Seduced by the Operative
Lowe, Anna        Desert Yule
MacDonald, Patricia        Stolen in the Night
MacKenzie, Kasey        Green-Eyed Envy
MacLean, Sarah        Nine Rules To Break When Romancing a Rake
           Ten Ways To Be Adored When Landing a Lord
Mac Llyr, Leannan        Hand-Dipped Pleasure
Maguire, Meg        The Reluctant Nude
Major, Michelle        Christmas on Crimson Mountain
Mallory, Malia        Dominating BDSM Billionaires - The Complete Series Bundle
Mann, Catherine        On Target
Mann, Marilu        Changing Perspective
Martinez, Valerie        Hot Wired
Matthews, Lena        Maverick’s Black Cat
Mayberry, Sarah        Make-Believe Wedding
McCabe, Amanda        Snowbound and Seduced
McCarthy, Erin        Christmas Bree
           Flat-Out Sexy
           Hard and Fast
           Mouth to Mouth
McCarty, Sarah        Running Wild (anthology)
McClellan, Sharron        Blackout at Christmas
           Mercenary’s Promise
McClone, Melissa        Kiss Me, Cowboy
McKenna, Shannon        Behind Closed Doors
           Standing in the Shadows
Meyer, Stephanie        The Host
Milan, Courtney        The Countess Conspiracy
           The Duchess War
           The Governess Affair
           The Heiress Effect
           A Kiss For Midwinter
           The Suffragette Scandal
           Talk Sweetly To Me
Miles, Cassie        Bodyguard Under the Mistletoe
           Colorado Abduction
           In the Manor With the Millionaire
           Mysterious Millionaire
           Secluded With the Cowboy
Miller, Julie        Carnal Innocence
           Out of Control
Miller, Linda Lael        Daring Moves
           Don’t Look Now
Mills, Jenna        Smoke And Mirrors
Moning, Karen Marie        Bloodfever
           Fever series pseudo-review
Monroe, Erica        I Spy a Duke
Monroe, Jill        SEALed and Delivered
Monroe, Lucy        3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys (anthology)
           and Able
           The Latin Lover
Monsch, Danielle        Loving a Fairy Godmother
           Loving an Ugly Beast
Monson, Christine        Stormfire
Moon, Jennie        The Second Chance Hero
           This Christmas
Mooney, Linda        Possession
Moore, Sandra K.        The Orchid Hunter
Morey, Jennifer        Blackout at Christmas
           Heiress Under Fire
Morey, Trish        The Latin Lover
Morgan, Hunter        Are You Scared Yet?
Mortimer, Carole        Christmas at Mulberry Hall
Moss, Tina        Code Black
Muck, Desa        Hči lune
Munro, Shelley        My Scarlet Woman
Myers, Cindi        A Perfect Marriage?
           Taking His Measure
Naughton, Elisabeth        First Exposure
           Sinful Surrender
Nelson, Rhonda        Snug in His Bed
Newton, Stephanie        The Baby’s Bodyguard
Noonan, Rosalind        Sinister
Nordin, Ruth Ann        A Bride for Tom
Novak, Bogdan        Bela past
Novak, Brenda        Cold Feet
           Hanover House
           What a Girl Wants
O’Clare, Lorie        Pack Law
O’Reilly, Kathleen        Beyond Seduction
Odell, Terry        The Other Side of the Page
Oliver, Anne        Hot Boss, Wicked Nights
Olsen, Gregg        A Wicked Snow
Orwig, Sara        Revenge of the Second Son
Owens, Evie        The Psychic Detective
Painter, Sally        Danu, the Return
Palmer, Diana        Diamond Girl
Pamfiloff, Mimi Jean        Accidentally In Love With...A God?
Pappano, Marilyn        Detective Defender
           A Family For Christmas
           A Hero to Come Home To
           Passion To Die For
Parrish, Leslie        Black at Heart
           Fade to Black
           Pitch Black
Patterson, James        Black Market
Paton, Ainslie        Detained
Paul, Sandra        Kids+Cops=Chaos / Moonstruck
           Last Chance for Marriage
           The Makeover Takeover
Phillips, Carly        Naughty Under the Mistletoe
           Simply Sinful
Pillow, Michelle M.        Spark
Piñeiro, Caridad        Secret Agent Reunion
Pope, Christine        Mistletoe Magic
Probst, Jennifer        Searching for Someday
Quick, Amanda        Burning Lamp
           Crystal Gardens
           Garden of Lies
           The Girl Who Knew Too Much
           The Mystery Woman
           Otherwise Engaged
           Til Death Do Us Part
Quinn, Julia        Ten Things I Love About You
Radley, Tessa        Rich Man’s Revenge
Rainey, Anne        Taking Chloe
           Tasting Candy
           Touching Lace
Ramsay, Hope        Silent Night
Raven, Sandy        Miss Amelia Lands a Duke
Rawlins, Debbi        Texas Blaze
Raybourn, Deanna        Silent in the Grave
Reece, Christy        Rescue Me
           Return to Me
           Run to Me
Reed, Terri        Home For Good
Reilly, Matthew        Contest
           Ice Station
           Scarecrow / Seven Ancient Wonders
           Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves
Reus, Katie        Targeted
Rice, Lisa Marie        Dangerous Lover
           Dangerous Passion
           Dangerous Secrets
           Hotter Than Wildfire
           Into the Crossfire
Rickloff, Alix        Earl of Darkness
Ridley, Erica        All I Want
           The Brigadier’s Runaway Bride
           The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress
           The Duke’s Accidental Wife
           The Earl’s Defiant Wallflower
           The Major’s Faux Fiancee
           The Pirate’s Tempting Stowaway
           The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation
Riley, Alexa        Claimed Princess
           Forbidden Princess
           His Princess
           Paying Daddy’s Debt
           Stolen Princess
Ripley, Alexandra        Scarlett
Roads, Abbie        Hunt the Dawn
           Race the Darkness
Robards, Karen        Ghost Moon
Robb, J.D.        Apprentice in Death
           Betrayal in Death
           Big Jack
           Born in Death
           Brotherhood in Death
           Calculated in Death
           Celebrity in Death
           Ceremony in Death
           Chaos in Death
           Concealed in Death
           Conspiracy in Death
           Creation in Death
           Dark in Death
           Delusion in Death
           Devoted in Death
           Divided in Death
           Echoes in Death
           Eternity in Death
           Fantasy in Death
           Festive in Death
           Glory in Death
           Haunted in Death
           Holiday in Death
           Imitation in Death
           Immortal in Death
           Indulgence in Death
           Innocent in Death
           Interlude in Death
           Judgment in Death
           Kindred in Death
           Loyalty in Death
           Memory in Death
           Midnight in Death
           Missing in Death
           Naked in Death
           New York to Dallas
           Obsession in Death
           Orgin in Death
           Portrait in Death
           Possession in Death
           Promises in Death
           Purity in Death
           Rapture in Death
           Reunion in Death
           Ritual in Death
           Salvation in Death
           Secrets in Death
           Seduction in Death
           Strangers in Death
           Survivor in Death
           Taken in Death
           Thankless in Death
           Treachery in Death
           Vengeance in Death
           Visions in Death
           Witness in Death
           Wonderment in Death
Roberts, Nora        All I Want For Christmas
           Angels Fall
           The Art of Deception
           Bed of Roses
           Blood Brothers
           Blue Smoke
           Brazen Virtue
           Captive Star
           Carnal Innocence
           Carolina Moon
           Chasing Fire
           Chesapeake Blue
           The Collector
           Come Sundown
           Dance Upon the Air
           Face the Fire
           Gabriel’s Angel
           Genuine Lies
           Happy Ever After
           Home For Christmas
           Honest Illusions
           Hot Rocks
           Heaven and Earth
           Her Mother’s Keeper
           Hidden Star
           High Noon
           The Hollow
           Inner Harbour
           Irish Rebel
           Irish Rose
           Irish Thoroughbred
           The Last Boyfriend
           Less of a Stranger
           Lessons Learned
           The Liar
           Local Hero
           A Matter of Choice
           Midnight Bayou
           Montana Sky
           The Next Always
           Night Moves
           Night Shadow
           Night Shield
           Night Shift
           Night Smoke
           The Obsession
           The Pagan Stone
           The Perfect Hope
           Private Scandals
           Public Secrets
           The Reef
           The Return of Rafe MacKade
           Rising Tides
           Risky Business
           River’s End
           Sacred Sins
           Savor the Moment
           Sea Swept
           The Search
           Secret Star
           Summer Desserts
           Three Fates
           True Betrayals
           Unfinished Business
           Vision in White
           Whiskey Beach
           The Witness
Robinson, Sarah        Not a Hero
Rock, Joanne        Scent of a Woman
Rogers, Evelyn        The Ghost of Carnal Cove
Rogers, Moira        Crux
           Sanctuary Redeemed
Rose, Karen        Alone in the Dark
           Broken Silence
           Closer Than You Think
           Count to Ten
           Did You Miss Me?
           Die For Me
           Dirty Secrets
           Don’t Tell
           Edge of Darkness
           Every Dark Corner
           Have You Seen Her?
           I Can See You
           I’m Watching You
           Kill For Me
           Monster in the Closet
           No One Left to Tell
           Nothing To Fear
           Silent Scream
           Scream For Me
           Watch Your Back
           You Belong To Me
           You Can’t Hide
Rose, Renee        Safe in His Arms
Rosemoor, Patricia        Ghost Horse
           Heart of a Lawman
Rouda, Kaira        The Trouble with Christmas
Rowan, Cate        Kiss That Frog
Rowen, Michelle        Bleeding Heart
           Hot Spell
Rubio, Salva        El Príncipe
           El Príncipe 2
Ruggle, Katie        After the End
           Fan the Flames
           Gone Too Deep
           Hold Your Breath
           In Safe Hands
           On His Watch
           On the Chase
           Run to Ground
           Survive the Night
Rush, Elle        Entrap
Ryan, Jenna        Christmas Ransom
           Cold Case Cowboy
           Darkwood Manor
           Dream Weaver
           Eden’s Shadow
           Mistletoe and Murder
           Shadow Protector
           A Voice in the Dark
Ryan, Patricia        Santa, Baby
Sage, Eris        Claimed by Heart
Samuels, Grace        Take Me
Sands, Susan        Again, Alabama
Savage, Vivienne        A Beary Merry Christmas
Schield, Cat        Meddling With a Millionaire
Scott, Alicia        Maggie’s Man
Scott, Eva        Red Dust Dreaming
Scott, Jessica        All I Want For Christmas Is You
Sey Susan        Money, Honey
Shalvis, Jill        Animal Magnetism
           Her Secret Santa
           Dream a little Dream
           The Road Home
           Smart and Sexy
Shaw, Bethany        Healing Christmas
Shayne, Maggie        Awaiting Moonrise
           Daydream Believer
           Under Her Spell
Showalter, Gena        Ever Night
           The Pleasure Slave
           Witches of Mysteria
Silver, Jordan        Stolen
Silver, R.J.        The Princess & The Penis
Simone, Naima        Desire in the Dark
Singh, Nalini        Allegiance of Honor
           Blaze of Memory
           Bonds of Justice
           Branded by Fire
           Caressed by Ice
           Heart of Obsidian
           Hostage to Pleasure
           Kiss of Snow
           Mine to Possess
           Play of Passion
           Secrets at Midnight
           Shards of Hope
           Shield of Winter
           Silver Silence
           Slave to Sensation
           Stroke of Enticement
           Tangle of Need
           Visions of Heat
           Whisper of Sin
           Wild Embrace (anthology)
           Wild Invitation (anthology)
Smith, Chris        The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral History
Smith, Kathryn        A Christmas Charade
Smith Leslie A.        Don’t Ever Stop
           Don’t Look Away
Smith, L.G.C.        The Holiday Show
Snopek, Roxanne        Cinderella’s Cowboy
Sokoloff, Alexandra        Blood Moon
           Cold Moon
           Huntress Moon
Solheim, Tracy        Holiday At Magnolia Bay
Solomon, Annie        One Deadly Sin
Sparks, Kerrelyn        Eat Prey Love
Sparks, Nicholas        Three Weeks With My Brother
Sparks, Nicholas        The Lucky One
           The Notebook
           Three Weeks With My Brother
Springer, Jan        Outlaw Lovers Dossier
Squires, Susan        Beyond the Night
           The Gift
St. Claire, Roxanne        Edge of Sight
           French Twist
           Killer Curves
           Taken to the Edge
           Tropical Getaway
St. John, Kelley        Ghosts and Roses
Stevens, Amanda        Magnum Force Man
Stewart, Mariah        Last Breath
Stillings, Marianne        Killer Charms
Stone, Lyn        Kiss or Kill
Strassel, Kristen        Celebrate Me
Strom, Abigail        Almost Like Love
Strong, Jory        Angel Claimed
           Trace’s Psychic
Stuart, Anne        Silver Falls
Stuart, Bronwyn        She’s The One
Summers, Cara        Christmas Male
           Twin Seduction
           Twin Temptation
Sunny        China Doll
Tarr, Hope        Every Breath You Take
           Twelve Nights
Teglia, Charlene        Redline Lover
Thatcher, Ari        Maui Heat
Thomas, Rob        Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell
           Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line
Thompson, Ronda        The Cursed One
           The Dark One
           The Forgotten One
           The Untamed One
           A Wulf’s Curse
Thompson, Vicki Lewis        No Mistletoe Required
Thor, Brad        Hidden Order
Thorne, Elle        Fascination
Trent, Holley        Maker
Turner, Linda        His Wanted Woman
Tyler, Stephanie        Hard to Hold
Tyson, Neil deGrasse        Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
Vale, Catherine        Furever Yours
Vale, Maria        The Last Wolf
Vanak, Bonnie        Unwrapped
Varano, Mia        Sex and the Single Pearl
Vaughn, Evelyn        Knight in Blue Jeans
Vaughn, V.        Caiden
Violet, Silvia        A Carnal Agreement
Waddell, Patricia        He Said Never
           He Said No
           He Said Now
           He Said Yes
Waide, Peggy        A Rogue’s Promise
Walker, Saskia        Monica’s Secret
Walker, Shiloh        Beautiful Girl
           The Blood Kiss
           A Present for Christmas
Wallace, Edgar        The Fellowship of the Frog
           The India-Rubber Men
           The Joker
           The Nine Bears (The Other Man)
           The Twister
           White Face
Walsh, Joanne        Christmas in Venice (or The Italian's Christmas Bride)
Ward, J.R.        The Story of Son
Warren, Linda        Once a Cowboy
Warren, Nancy        Power Play
           Speed Dating
Wayne, Joanna        Bravo, Tango, Cowboy
Weaver, Ingrid        From Russia With Love
Webb, Debra        His Secret Life
           Vows of Silence
           Undercover Santa
Webber, Meredith        Sheikh Surgeon
Webber, Tawny        Feels Like the First Time
West, Hannah        How to Become a Lady
West, Tom        The Titanic Enigma
Whiddon, Karen        Bulletproof Marriage
White, Loreth Anne        Cold Case Affair
White, Nicola R.        Fury’s Kiss
Whitefeather, Sheri        Imminent Affair
Whiteside, Diane        Caught By The Tides
Whyte, Lori        Snowbound at Solstice
Wilde, Lori        Zero Control
Wiggs, Susan        The Hostage
           The Mistress
Wilson, Gayle        The Soldier’s Christmas Miracle
Wilson, Scarlet        Christmas with the Laird
Winstead Jones, Linda        Sundown
           Sweet Dreams
Winston, Anne Marie        Walk on the Wilde Side
Wray, Sharon        Every Deep Desire
Wolff, Michael        Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House
Woods, Alisa        Desired
Wyatt, Dani        Valentine’s Rose
York, Rebecca        More Than a Man
Zachary, Mia        Yours in Black Lace
Zane, Cora        Bonding Experience
           Crossing Borders
           Heart On Fire
           Heart Spell