Review Policy

I'm not a 'professional' reviewer, hence I'm not paid to review books I read and I don't get free books in return for a review.

If and when I receive a free book (which is always tagged as a freebie) it is either because I entered a contest or the publisher/author made the book freely available to all readers.

If you want me to review your book, you can either use the Contact me page, send a direct message on Twitter or contact me through GoodReads. Due to time constraints, I only respond to requests I accept. But acceptance does not guarantee a review.

I read (and review) mostly romance or fiction with strong romantic elements, which includes contemporary romance, romantic suspense, historical romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy (needs to have strong romantic elements and a HEA is required!) and sci-fi. I also like a good thriller which doesn't necessarily involve a romantic subplot.

I review books I read (not all of them) because I want to, I like to do it, and because I might need a 'reminder' of what I read in the past when I'm older.

I'm also very honest in my reviews. Since I'm not paid for reviews, the reviews always reflect my own and honest opinion, even if that opinion might be negative. I won't lie. Whether I like a book or not, I'll always explain why.
But since people have different taste, these reviews reflect my point of view that might or might not resonate with others.

If you're one of those that doesn't agree with my view of a certain book, please, feel free to comment under the post. Though the comments are moderated, I allow everything that's not spam. Also, feel free to leave any book recommendations as well. I'm always searching for the next 'wowy' book.

I also post my reviews on GoodReads, but not on Amazon or any similar website.

Ratings explanation:

5 stars - Simply put—I loved it. Loved. It. It was perfect, or as close to perfection as it could get and I just couldn't put it down. And immediately after finishing I just wanted to start all over again.
The books with this rating go immediately on my 'keepers' shelf and I recommend them to anyone who would listen. I also probably own such a book in paperback/hardcover AND a digital version.

4 stars - I really, really liked this book and there were things I absolutely loved about it. It might have had some flaws that cannot be overlooked, but they didn't deter from my overall enjoyment of the book. I would also recommend it with ease and wouldn't mind reading it again along the line to refresh my memory.

3 stars - Average or slightly above average book that had its moments and some of those moments were pretty good. Still, nothing to write home about.

2 stars - I didn't like it much, but there were certain aspects of it that saved it from "disasterhood".

1 star - Didn't like it one bit or downright hated it. I had difficulties getting through it because of either bad writing, disastrous plot or one-dimensional, bland characters. And after I did finish it, I realized I'm never getting the time or money (if it wasn't a freebie) back.

DNF - Did Not Finish! For some reason (see the 1-star rating explanation), I just couldn't finish the book. I tried, though! I hate unfinished business, so this rating is extremely rare.