About me

A few facts (besides the one that I like to read)...

Birthday — November 10
Zodiac sign — Scorpio
Ascendant — Virgo
Siblings — none

Right / Left handed — Right
Carnivore/Vegetarian — Carnivore all the way
Short-/Long-sighted — Short sighted

Favorite color — midnight blue (but all dark hues will do)
Favorite season — Fall
Favorite book genre — it's a tie between Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense (give me a sexy vampire lurking in the shadows to protect a damsel in distress from the Russian Mafia and I'm a happy camper LOL)
Favorite book — don't ask, can't decide
Favorite fictional hero — Acheron Parthenopaeus, Alexander Cameron, Jericho Z. Barrons (to name just three)
Favorite movie genre — action flicks
Favorite movie — Gladiator
Favorite music genre — I'll listen to pretty much anything / depends on the mood
Favorite song — don't ask, can't decide
Favorite TV show — NCIS (it used to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Favorite dish — pasta (even plain with a serving of Parmesan would do)
Favorite drink — water
Favorite ice-cream flavor — chocolate chip mint
Favorite fruit — watermelon
Favorite scent — jasmine

Favorite vacation so far — the great Scottish tour (though Scandinavia in 2010 is a close second)
Dream vacation — tropical island with white sandy beaches and aqua blue surf

Facebook profile — nope, just a Facebook page featuring links to reviews posted on this blog (and an occasional note)