Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review: Taking Chloe by Anne Rainey

Title: Taking Chloe
Series: Vaughn
Author: Anne Rainey
Read copy: eBook
Published: June 2, 2009
Publisher: Samhain
ISBN: 1605045756
ISBN-13: 9781605045757

Merrick Vaughn couldn't be happier with his life. His business is jumping and his marriage to the love of his life is about as good as it gets. At least, that's what he thinks...until Chloe announces she wants to separate.

Stunned doesn't begin to cover it, but it quickly becomes clear that she's dead serious. And if he doesn't take action, as in now, he's going to lose the only woman he's ever loved.

The last thing Chloe wants is a divorce, but she can't go on living with a virtual stranger who spends all his time—and hers—behind a desk. It's tearing her apart, and taking a break to sort out her thoughts seems her only recourse.

Then Merrick offers a wicked proposition: go to Hawaii with him for one week's vacation. After that, if he hasn't successfully changed her mind, he'll let her go. No questions asked. There's only one caveat. She must agree to give him complete control.

Chloe's intrigued and scared. One week in paradise might bring them closer—or be their ultimate undoing.

My rating:

Even iffier than the previous one. The only thing remotely resembling a plot was the initial premise of the wife leaving her husband because he was spending too much time at work, only to have him follow her and f**k her silly.

I'm looking forward to the next one, though. What I glimpsed of the two leads in the epilogue of this story, sparks are bound to fly.

Review: Tasting Candy by Anne Rainey

Title: Tasting Candy
Series: Vaughn
Author: Anne Rainey
Read copy: eBook
Published: June 24, 2008
Publisher: Samhain
ISBN: 1605040533
ISBN-13: 9781605040530

Lust was the lure, Candy was the reward. Walking around with a raging hard-on isn't Blade Vaughn's idea of a good time. He's hungry for sex and there's only one woman on his menu: Candice Warner. When Blade witnesses the shy beauty go into a panic over a harmless encounter, he's more determined than ever to prove that sex with him is just the therapy she needs.

Candice is used to being afraid of her own shadow, but when she goes all nutso in front of Blade, she's beyond mortified. She wants him to see her as an equal, and as a woman. It's time she got over her past trauma and started living again. But trust is hard to come by when her only experience with men has left her heart in pieces.

My rating:

Rather iffy plot-wise, if you ask me. She's been afraid of men for a year and simply falls into bed with a hunk?

See, iffy.

Review: Touching Lace by Anne Rainey

Title: Touching Lace
Series: Vaughn
Author: Ranne Rainey
Read copy: eBook
Published: March 25, 2008
Publisher: Samhain
ISBN: 1599989034
ISBN-13: 9781599989037

Lacey Vaughn is tired of being dumped on by men. It's clear she needs help in the ways of seduction. Over cappuccinos, Lacey shares her worries with pal Nick Stone. Being the good friend that he is, Nick offers to give Lacey a few pointers in the ways of sexual pleasure. From his first touch, Lacey forgets all about lessons. Now all she wants is more of his luscious body and skillful touches.

Nick's craved Lacey for months. He's done watching her waste herself on losers. It's time she saw him as more than the dreaded good friend. He'll do nearly anything to have the little spitfire all for himself.

But in order to get Lacey past her insecurities, Nick will have to put it all on the line—including his heart—and pray he doesn't lose her forever.

My rating:

A pretty good story about a male friend deciding he doesn't want to see his female friend wasting her life on losers. Short, sweet, sexy, and hot.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review: Too Close to Home by Lynette Eason

Title: Too Close to Home
Author: Lynette Eason

Read copy: eBook
Published: May 4, 2010
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
ISBN: 1441207457
ISBN-13: 9781441207456

The FBI has a secret weapon. But now the secret's out.

When missing teens begin turning up dead in a small Southern town, the FBI sends in Special Agent Samantha Cash to help crack the case. Her methods are invisible, and she never quits until the case is closed.

Homicide detective Connor Wolfe has his hands full. His relationship with his headstrong daughter is in a tailspin, and the string of unsolved murders has the town demanding answers. Connor is running out of ideas--and time.

Samantha joins Connor in a race against the clock to save the next victim. And the killer starts to get personal.

My rating:

This one started rather well, but it quickly fizzled out. There was too much of the annoying teenager hating and loving her father (hating without a just reason, but that’s the teenage way, I suppose—apparently she blamed him for her mother’s death, because they fought before her mother crashed her car; honey, unless he cut her break lines, I don’t think he was "directly" responsible), there was definitely too much God-talk (for someone not religious so much faith and God ‘banter’ grows tedious, or maybe that’s just me), and the middle crimes of the villain seemed quite disproportionate to the initial one (Okay, so they were getting too close, does that mean you have to shoot them with both a gun and a crossbow and even attempt to blow them up?! Aren’t you exaggerating just a tad, my boy?).

A lot of initial fanfare for such a measly parade. And the more that I read the less interested I became as to who the villain actually was and what was really going on. I just wanted it to end.

What intrigued me was the prologue, but judging from this book, I ain’t going there. Sorry.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Warrior for One Night by Nancy Gideon

Title: Warrior For One Night
Author: Nancy Gideon

Read copy: eBook
Published: April 1, 2007
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 1426800371
ISBN-13: 9781426800375

Arsonist hunter Alexander Caufield was the best. Ruthless, relentless, he always found a way to uncover the truth. For years, he was obsessed with finding the firebug who'd framed his father. Now his investigation pointed to the Parrish family, and he wanted justice...and revenge. But when Xander met the bold, brash and beautiful Melody Parrish, it wasn't long before he fell for her, and hard. A firejumper and daredevil pilot, the woman courted danger and, suddenly, he had a life-and-death decision to make. To set his father free, would he ruin the woman he loved?

My rating:

What a ‘weird’ little story—especially in the character department—but surprisingly good. Both H/h had emotional issues, loads of baggage, and quite a few ‘masking’ techniques and they were absolutely great together. Oh, the tension, oh, the attraction, oh, the sexy scenes...But they kept pushing each other away, pulling each other closer, pushing each other away...Make up your mind people!

Also, great suspense sub-plot. Murder attempts, arson, trying to burn people alive, trying to blow up people...And the real villain came as a complete surprise. Good one, Ms. Gideon.

This was a great little story once I got used to the whole push-pull, emotional baggage laden main relationship.

On a side note; I never thought of high-tops as particularly sexy footwear, but somehow black high-tops with dangling laces on Xander truly seemed the height of hotness.