Friday, February 16, 2018

Review: Wild by Jill Barnett

Title: Wild
Series: Medieval (Wedding) Trilogy
Author: Jill Barnett
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: August 28, 2010
Publisher: BelleBooks, Inc.

A legendary warrior. A mission to tame the rebellion of the Welsh Borderlands. A wild Welsh beauty.

Teleri of the Woods was shunned by superstitious villagers, so for years she has lived her solitary life in a hidden cottage deep in the forest. But when she discovers a man in the wood, hanged and left for dead, she must try to save him with her tender healing skills. She does not know he is a knight charged by the King of England to establish a stronghold and build a castle.

Sir Roger FitzAlan awakes without the ability to speak and to discover that none of his fabled diplomacy and skills of war will help him with his most immediate problem—a wild woman who has tied him to stakes in a small woodland cottage and is forcing vile brew down his throat. Teleri is his match in wit and will, but she opens his eyes to the wonder of a simple world he has never known.

As Roger slowly heals, he fomulates his plan for catching his would-be-murderer, and he realizes something else: his real challenge won't be taming the borderlands but winning over his wild Welsh healer. He understands that he cannot live in her world and she may not survive in his. He teach her to trust him, even though he is the one person who threatens all she holds dear.

My rating:

DNF @ 9%

I just couldn't go on. Just couldn't.

First, we met the heroine, through the eyes of those around her...She's a witch, she's the spawn of the Devil...While in the end she was but an orphan living in the woods where no one would attack her. But we didn't meet the heroine.

Then, there was the hero, Roger FitzAlan, whom I didn't like when he was a supporting character, and I didn't like him when he got his own book, either. There was just something whiny about him, not truly spineless, but sniveling. Poor me, poor me, my poor head, the woman I supposedly love abandoned me, because her dead husband isn't as dead as we all thought, poor me, poor me.

And then we were back with Clio and Merrick and nothing really changed from their own book show/hide spoiler
(except for them having become parents). She was still on her idiotic mission of making the mystical ale (with rather disastrous consequences) and nothing her husband (the sane one in the family) did or said could sway her.

So I read the last chapter, just to make sure...And then I closed the book. Couldn't be bothered.


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