Saturday, November 25, 2017

Review: Calculated in Death by J.D. Robb

Title: Calculated in Death
Series: In Death
Author: J.D. Robb
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: February 26, 2013
Publisher: Berkley

On Manhattan's Upper East Side a woman lies dead at the bottom of the stairs, stripped of all her valuables. Most cops might call it a mugging gone wrong, but Lieutenant Eve Dallas knows better.

A well-off accountant and a beloved wife and mother, Marta Dickenson doesn't seem the type to be on anyone's hit list. But when Eve and her partner, Peabody, find blood inside the building, the lieutenant knows Marta's murder was the work of a killer who's trained, but not professional or smart enough to remove all the evidence.

But when someone steals the files out of Marta's office, Eve must immerse herself in her billionaire husband Roarke's world of big business to figure out who's cruel and callous enough to hire a hit on an innocent woman. And as the killer's violent streak begins to escalate, Eve knows she has to draw him out, even if it means using herself as bait...

My rating:

Who would want to kill an accountant? That's the puzzle Lieutenant Eve Dallas is dealing with. The "why would someone kill an accountant" is easy; it's not a mugging, the woman must've found something she wasn't supposed to and they took her out. And eve is back to "who" and needs to pick the right "who" out of her little pool of suspects.

You might've deduced from that lackluster synopsis, I didn't much care about this book. It too was rather lackluster from my POV, but it's probably just me and my complete and utter disinterest in the world of accounting. Because, let me tell you, it delved there, and it delved deep.

The story was so boring and slow, and with all those descriptions and information about shell corporations, fraud, corporate frauds blah-blah-blah it got to a point my eyes nearly crossed, and I just wanted it to be over with.
In the end, I didn't really care about who ordered all the people dead, who made them dead, and why. I just knew the motive was idiotic and the one who ordered and performed the killings was an idiot as well. Leaving a trace for the cops to follow, moronic to the core.

It was too simple, if you want, utterly too slow, and so boring, not even the cast managed to inspire more than a bare whiff of excitement. Peabody once more got on my nerves with her anything-but-the-case talk, Eve and Roarke were being Eve and Roarke in and out of the bedroom, and the preparations for the big premiere (professional and non) failed to whet my appetite.

Next, please!


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