Sunday, September 3, 2017

Review: White Face by Edgar Wallace

Title: White Face
Series: Detective Sgt. (Insp.) Elk
Author: Edgar Wallace
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: June 4, 2016
Publisher: Amazon

Tidal Basin was the toughest, poorest, lowest section of London, and somewhere in it's dark alleys lurked the Devil of Tidal Basin, terrifying the inhabitants, puzzling the police.

What connection had the Devil with White Face, the lone bandit who roamed London unmolested? Superintendent Mason, one of the Yard's Big Five wanted to know, and what Superintendent Mason wanted to know he generally found out. Criminals knew him as "Sympathetic" Mason, because of his curious methods of cross-examination.

But not until Janice Harmon fell in love with a man who had written her from South Africa did the tangled skeins of international crime, murder and mystery begin to sort themselves out—and the strange story of a cold blooded killer come out into the light at last.

My rating:

A man ends up stabbed to death on a street in London's Tidal Basin, victim of the almost mythical murderer roaming the streets of London, the Devil of Tidal Basin. But why is another bandit (this one not of the killing, but of the robbing kind) suddenly sighted in Tidal Basin as well?

Unfortunately the mystery wasn't as engrossing as in its predecessors, the pace was also rather stutter-y, there were too many side-stories (that ended up somehow connected), and even more seemingly random characters thrown into the mix.

I lost interest before chapter six, and never regained it.


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