Friday, September 1, 2017

Review: The Twister by Edgar Wallace

Title: The Twister
Series: Detective Sgt. (Insp.) Elk
Author: Edgar Wallace
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: June 3, 2016
Publisher: Amazon

Lord Frensham's (a nobleman who invested his life savings in Lulunga Oils) trust is abused by his nephew, Julian Reef (a gambler on the stock market) and his partner. Lord Frensham however, suspects Anthony Braid (the Twister), to be the one who is manipulating the Lulunga share price and thus is the one responsible for his ruin.

When Lord Frensham is found dead in his office, the conclusion is "suicide in a state of unsound mind". Neither Anthony Braid nor Inspector Elk of Scotland Yard are happy. Then things take a turn and the Lulunga Oil shares go up sharply in value...

My rating:

Lord Frensham knows exactly who's swindling him in the stock market—Anthony "Tony" Braid, who many call The Twister. And he's not about to believe Braid's crazy notion that his own nephew, his flesh and blood, is behind the embezzlement...Then Frensham is found dead in his office, but Inspector Elk of the Scotland Yard knows it's not suicide, no matter the elaborate scheme the murderer invented...But who is the murderer?

Yet another interesting, fast-paced read. For once, the main character isn't a cop or working in the law enforcement, and for once, the character in the title isn't the villain.

It was a very intriguing and "twisty" tale with a rather obvious murderer, but with a more obscure side-scheme. The outcome of the investigation (as well as the resolution to the stock market trouble) was more happenstance than anything else, since clues, witnesses, and revelations were stumbled upon by chance, but still, the story offered a satisfying read, even though the small matter of The Twister getting the girl in the end was never touched upon.

I did like the obsessive stalker angle, though.


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