Monday, July 10, 2017

Review: Skin Deep by Pamela Clare

Title: Skin Deep
Series: I-Team
Author: Pamela Clare
Read copy: eBook
Published: May 15, 2012
Publisher: Smashwords
ISBN: 0983875928
ISBN-13: 9780983875925

Broken on the inside

Megan Hunter has worked hard to get back on her feet, leaving the nightmare of her teenage years behind. The last thing she wants or needs in her life is a man. But when she is attacked by someone from her past, a scarred stranger intervenes, saving her life and that of her little girl. Looks can be deceiving, for despite the man’s rough appearance, she feels safe with him. And for the first time in her life, she knows the stirrings of desire.

Broken on the outside

Nathaniel West paid a high price serving with the Marines in Afghanistan. He returned to his family’s ranch in the Colorado mountains to heal—and be alone. Disfigured as he is, he has put all thoughts of sex and romance aside. But something about Megan brings him back to life, heats his blood, makes him feel like a man again. As danger pursues her, and the truth about her past is revealed, he vows to protect her—and to heal her wounded spirit.

But confronting the past is never easy—especially when it’s carrying a gun. Megan will have to learn to trust Nate to survive and to claim a passion that is much more than...Skin Deep.

My rating:

Megan Hunter has been through hell and back. She’s finally safe, clean, able to raise her little daughter by herself. When a ghost from her past strikes, she thinks it’s all over once more, but a guardian angel, with a scarred face and body, and heart of a hero intervenes...And changes her life forever.

This was Marc Hunter’s sister’s story. If you’ve read his book, you know what happened to her, how difficult and dark her life had been, but she got through it, yet not entirely.

This story was as much about absolution and redemption as it was of self-forgiveness. Megan needed to forgive herself to finally be able to really live and embrace any sort of happiness life threw at her.
And there was no hero more perfect than Nate to show her how life and everything in it could and should be. I loved his patience, his strength, and his unfailing faith in Megan, and I loved how she in turn, showed him that the scars he carried were merely badges of honor, part of him, and not who he was.

This was a beautiful short romance with just a dash of suspense to tie up any loose ends.

The book also contains a bonus short detailing a men-only adventure in which Marc, Julian, Zach, Gabe, Nate, and Reece go off on a beer run (and errand run for their wives) and prevent a robbery at a liquor store.

It was short, quick, exciting, and showed the true nature of the friendship that’s developed between these men.
And it was also funny. From bickering about not wanting to be on Team Beta, sensei Julian, to this scene:

West stepped cautiously inside, weapon drawn.

“Sorry, West, but you guys missed all the action.”

“Nope. Not all of it.” He opened the door once more, stepping aside to make room for Rossiter and Sheridan, who were supporting Trance’s weight between them, the kid’s face screwed up in pain, his skin pale, beads of sweat on his forehead.

“What happened to him?” Marc didn’t hit him that hard.

Sheridan grinned. “West told him to stop, and when the kid refused, Gabe tried to trip him, but ended up kicking him in the balls.”

Marc winced. Ouch! “With which foot?”

Rossiter shrugged. “The titanium alloy one.”

Every man in the liquor store groaned.


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