Monday, February 13, 2017

Review: Valentine's Rose by Dani Wyatt

Title: Valentine's Rose
Author: Dani Wyatt

Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: February 11, 2017
Publisher: Dani Wyatt

It only took Tanner Valentine one look at her to know this rare Rose was his one and only. Growing the world's rarest and most coveted roses is this mountain man's obsession until he walks into her flower shop and his new obsession takes over. There's just one thing holding him back from staking his claim, that ring on her finger.

Rose Everhart spends her days arranging flowers. On this valentine's day, she let's it slip that although she's send out thousands of arrangements to other lucky recipients, she's never been the receiver of flowers herself. What she doesn't know, is wearing her grandmother's scratched and worn rose gold wedding band has kept the hulky flannel wearing rose grower that's filled her fantasies for months at a distance for too long.

Will these two unlucky at love introverts finally discover what it's like to discover your one and only? Only, will someone from Rose's past force her to retreat back into her solitary world just as she's beginning to understand the power of true love?

My rating:

A good premise, but severely lacking in execution. I like my stories hot, but in this one, sex definitely intruded on the story. A little longer, with a lot more developed characters, an actual plot, beyond the hero wanting to get in the heroine's pants, and deflowering her without a condom, (because he wanted her to bear his children *eyeroll*), and a meatier (and believable) romance, and you have yourself a decent little story.

The way it is...Not so much.


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