Thursday, February 2, 2017

Review: Genuine Lies by Nora Roberts

Title: Genuine Lies
Author: Nora Roberts

Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: February 5, 2015
Publisher: Piatkus

Eve Benedict is a legend: a movie goddess with two Oscars, four ex-husbands and a legion of lovers to her name. She knows the truth behind every Hollywood scandal—and now she's planning to tell all in a no-holds-barred memoir.

But telling the truth can be a dangerous business, especially in a town built on dreams and secrets. Eve's stepson Paul Winthrop is worried that the book will only bring trouble. But he can't argue with Eve's choice of ghostwriter, the talented and very beautiful Julia Summers.

As Paul and Julia clash over Eve's book, they also have to fight a deep and growing attraction to each other. Struggling against their intense feelings, they don't realise they are also tangled in a very dark plot. Eve has one last, great secret to reveal—and it will put them all in danger...

My rating:

Hollywood star Eve Benedict decides that, after fifty years in the spotlight, it’s time for an autobiography. And she wants celebrity biographer Julia Summers to write it. But there are some secrets people are willing to kill to keep off the page...

This one was a huge disappointment for me.

The suspense was the only good thing in this book, with its many side plots, suspects, motives, secrets...

The rest of it was just “meh”.

First of all it was the length, making the story drag its feet. Maybe a 100 pages shorter, and with less “filler” scenes it would’ve worked better.

Then there were the characters. I didn’t particularly connect with any of them, especially Julia or Paul, hence the whole romance angle threw me for a loop. Not to mention it feeling rushed. The only character that appealed to me was Eve, and even her I could barely stand in some scenes.
And the whole connection between Eve and Julia was predictable and cliché-ish.


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