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Review: Deadly Shadows & Deadly Ties by Jaycee Clark

Title: Deadly Shadows
Series: Deadly
Author: Jaycee Clark
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: July 22, 2011
Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing

Shadows whisper and the words are deadly...

A small, friendly Colorado town, nestled in the breathtaking Rockies, cloaks a malevolence, an evil that stalks women.

Jesslyn Black, a writer, is content living her now-single, childless life. If she keeps to herself, she can’t get hurt. Haunted by the past, Jesslyn never again wants to experience the soul-shredding pain of losing loved ones.

But a murder changes that.

Aiden Kinncaid is running from his own secret loss. As the CEO of Kinncaid Enterprises, he travels to this remote Colorado resort town to oversee the opening of the new Highland Hotel. Though he’s not interested in any kind of relationship, he finds himself drawn to this temperamental, brown-eyed beauty. And her rough-edged attitude is a challenge to him.

But whether or not either sought a relationship—they’ve found one. Aiden wants to protect Jesslyn even if she claims she can take care of herself, and she finds she can’t stop thinking about Aiden, even when he annoys her. Will they get their second chance at love and life before the killer eliminates one problem he doesn’t need?

My rating:

DNF after four chapters.

I couldn't get into it...The hero was meh, the heroine was annoying and bitchy (not endearing in the slightest), and the villain simply ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

And at the start of chapter 5 I just didn't care what happened next...I did read the epilogue, and still didn't get the urge to read the entire story. Also, the "baby thing" was cute in the prequel, having it also in the first book is tired (and trope-ish).

Title: Deadly Ties
Series: Deadly
Author: Jaycee Clark
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: August 16, 2011
Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing

Some bonds are love...

Taylor Reese is done with men—especially egotistical ones—no matter how charming they may be. The only exception to her “no men” rule is her eight-year-old adopted son, Ryan, who is wonderfully adjusted considering the environment his parents forced him to endure. Both are starting over in the Washington, D.C., area and aren’t looking for anything more than peace and quiet. Thanks to Gavin Kinncaid, that peace and quiet is nothing more then a fleeting dream.

Some ties can never be broken...

Dr. Gavin Kinncaid, one of the most successful doctors in his field and well aware of it, knows women—or so he thinks, until he meets Taylor Reese and realizes he doesn’t know anything about the opposite sex. Taylor is nothing like any woman he’s ever met. More than that, she’s the only woman he’s ever wanted to strangle. But when fate throws them together on a rain-swept deserted road, passion soon twists their feelings into more than antagonism. First desire, then friendship, and finally love.

And some bonds are deadly...

As the three of them grow closer, learning to trust and building bonds none of them ever thought they’d have, a menace approaches. A menace that will destroy each of them and the bonds they've worked so hard to forge: Ryan's mother has escaped from prison, and she has only one plan—to rip this happy family apart and reclaim what she considers hers, no matter the cost.

My rating:

Yet another DNF in this series, which tells me, I'm done.

After the bust that was its predecessor, I actually rather liked the prologue and chapter one (with the hero "elbow deep" in blood, trying to reanimate his patient)...Then the heroine made her entrance and I realized I'm reading a repeat of the first book.

The prologue is always from the villain's POV, then boy meets girl, it's insta-hate (although deep down inside they both fancy each other), they bicker, they give each other puppy eyes, she's a redhead (like his mommy...hello, Oedipus complex)...And eventually fall in love because she's in danger and he helps save her.
A tired rinse and repeat from the prequel (about mommy and daddy) and the first book in the series (about the oldest brother and his harpy).

I don't know if it's the repetitiveness of it all, the voice or narrative style that simply doesn't pull me in, forget about keeping me engaged.

Bored now.


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