Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: All the Beautiful Brides by Rita Herron

Title: All the Beautiful Brides
Series: Graveyard Falls
Author: Rita Herron
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: September 15, 2015
Publisher: Montlake

A young woman lies dead at the bottom of a waterfall, dressed in a wedding gown with a rose stem jammed down her throat. And in the small town of Graveyard Falls, the horrifying vision stirs a long-ago nightmare back to life.

FBI Special Agent Cal Coulter gets called in to investigate the murder, which bears a terrifying resemblance to a series of killings committed thirty years ago: three teenage girls were found dead at the waterfall’s base, all bearing rose stems in their throats. The high school football star was convicted and imprisoned for those murders, so now Cal suspects that the real killer is still out there.

Now, the body count is rising again. The monster’s sights are set on counselor Mona Monroe, Cal’s best friend’s widow...and the woman he’s always loved. Can Cal stop the killer before Mona becomes the next victim?

My rating:

A girl is found dead at the bottom of the falls near the aptly named town of Graveyard Falls. A girl in a hand-made wedding dress, a garter wrapped tightly around her neck, and a rose stem lodged down her throat. It's the rose stem that strikes fear in the hearts of the population of the small town, because it reminds them all of a triple murder committed by one of their own thirty years ago. But the murderer is still in jail...So who killed this young woman? And why?

I couldn't really get into the story, I speed-read parts of it, skimmed the rest, and couldn't wait for it to end. I decided not to DNF it, because, hey, it might redeem itself somewhere along the way...Alas, it didn't happen.

The hero was a blank for me, anyone would've sufficed as far as I'm concerned, since I've already forgotten about him. Same about the heroine, but she did remain in my memory a little longer because of her naivete and stupidity regarding everything in her life (from her husband to her family and in the end Cal), I couldn't care less about the villain and his motives, same about the villain from thirty years back...

Come to think of it, there wasn't a single thing about this book that I appreciated or even remotely liked. Utterly forgettable.


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