Sunday, December 11, 2016

Review: What Every Lord Wants by Adele Clee

Title: What Every Lord Wants
Author: Adele Clee

Read copy: eBook
Published: October 10, 2016
Publisher: Smashwords
ISBN: 0993529178
ISBN-13: 9780993529177

A woman with beauty, charm, and grace. Isn’t that what every lord wants?

The lady makes a proposal.
It took nothing more than her father’s death for Prudence Roxbury and her sisters to fall on hard times. The only flicker of hope in their bleak future is that their beautiful sister, Sarah, will marry and save them all from a life of destitution.
But when Prudence hears that their father’s distant relation and heir has finally taken up residence in their old family home, Hagley Manor, she concocts a plan to rescue them from their miserable fate. After all, what lord wouldn’t want a beautiful wife on his arm?

The gentleman offers a bargain.
A hundred years have passed since a bitter feud tore the Roxbury family apart. But now Max, Lord Roxbury, has an opportunity to right the mistakes of the past. When he moves into Hagley Manor he has no idea the former residents live but a mile away. That is until he finds an intriguing young woman on his front steps, wrestling with a drunken lout and a potted plant.
Indeed, Prudence Roxbury might be the answer to his problems. Captivated by her wit and beguiling smile, passion soon ignites. The stipulations of his father’s will means he must marry within three months. But what is a gentleman to do when he swore never to marry for anything less than love?

My rating:

Maximus "Max" Roxbury has to marry before his thirtieth birthday in order to claim his inheritance. But since he refuses to give his dead father the satisfaction for marrying out of duty instead of love, he's in quite a predicament. Then Prudence "Pickle" Roxbury, a distant relation and former resident of the house he's inherited despite his single status, appears on his doorstep and asks him to sponsor her sister's outing in society. As soon as he sees the sister in question, Max knows Prue actually wants him to offer for the chit, yet despite her beauty Sarah Roxbury cannot hold a candle to her older sister.

A cute and sweet story of love blossoming in unexpected ways in unexpected places in unexpected times. Great characters, with the requisite "evil" woman scorned, wonderful pacing (as always), a great lesson in the beauty being in the eye of the beholder, and a wonderful cameo by Lucas and Helena "Sharp Tongue" Dempsey.

Ms Clee has yet to disappoint with her literary ventures into the Regency era. More, please.


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