Monday, November 28, 2016

Review: The Secret to Seduction by Ember Casey

Title: The Secret to Seduction
Series: The Fontaines
Author: Ember Casey
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: March 11, 2015
Publisher: CreateSpcae

Felicia Liddle has only eight days to seduce Hollywood bad boy Luca Fontaine.

If she wants to keep her dream job, she needs to score an interview with the infamous actor—or with one of his equally legendary (and ridiculously sexy) brothers, the notorious Fontaine boys of Hollywood. And everyone knows that the Fontaines never give interviews--but everyone also knows that neither Luca nor any of his brothers can resist a charming woman, and Felicia's sure that's her way in.

The only problem? Historically speaking, Felicia's way more likely to put her foot in her mouth (or generally make an idiot of herself) than charm the pants off of anyone.

Enter Roman Everet: media mogul (read: billionaire), insanely sexy, and—oh yeah—Felicia's new boss. He might hold the fate of her job in his hands, but he's more than willing to help her become an expert in seduction...

My rating:

***eBook available for free on Amazon***

It took me a mere paragraph to realize the heroine is an idiot. But, in the spirit of sisterhood, I decided to give her a chance. However, she turned into an even bigger idiot by the end of the first chapter, and that final scene was it for me. I'm done after one measly chapter of a short story.

I have no idea why she was at the bar, because aparently the explanation comes in chapter two, but I don't care. Big mistake that, posponing the explanation for the heroine going all idiot in a bar. Especially when the heroine goes all over-the-top idiot.

Sure, it was free, but I don't care...Moving on.


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