Monday, September 5, 2016

Review: Savage Silence by Ellis Leigh

Title: Savage Silence
Series: The Devil's Dires
Author: Ellis Leigh
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Kinship Press

There’s no escaping a Dire Wolf on the hunt

Dire Wolf Thaus preferred the silence, having spent most of his time alone as the weaponry expert of his pack. But a mission outside of his expertise will challenge him more than he ever expected and threaten more than just his life.

Some memories are too horrific to forget. When Ariel’s fragile balance is upended, she’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive. Including running off with a man who scares her almost as much as he intrigues her.

An unexpected hero and a woman with scars deeper than one can see crash together on a mountainside fraught with its own dangers. In the world of the Dire Wolves, an Omega shewolf is a blessing none of them deserves. But when an angel sings his name, Thaus will go to hell and back to keep her safe and at his side.

One soldier, one fight…one chance at forever.

My rating:

There's dispute between packs over an old contract promising a shewolf, and Thaus is called to broker it. Which is unusual, since he's not exactly known for his diplomacy, and more about his rage, silence, and making things that go ka-boom. Then it turns out the shewolf is an Omega, and Thaus is more than ready to accept. Because no one hurts an Omega, and no one makes her do something against her will.

Ariel has been through hell and back and is determined never to be owned by anyone. Unfortunately, she might not have much of a say in the matter since the Alpha of the neighboring pack has set his eyes on her. But before she can contemplate running, the fates intervene...In the dark, hulking form of her mate.

What a ride. Ms Leigh has yet to make a wrong move in this series. This fourth installment was particularly intense and particularly heartbreaking due to the topic.

I loved Thaus, I loved Ariel, and I loved these two together. And I loved their story, how this hulking behemoth of a man, the scary f***** from the last few books turned into a tender, caring, gentle hulking behemoth of a man for one woman and one woman only. The angel to his demon. I'm not closer to understanding the rage inside the man, I was hoping of getting some answers as to his freaky outbursts in the previous books, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention. Or maybe it was the noise that got to him, since he obviously preferred silence and solitude. Oh, well, it doesn't matter. I loved the guy.
Ariel was also a force to be reckoned with. Her inner strength, her stubbornness to stay alive no matter what, that core of steel that shone through no matter what panic or fear she felt, was humbling to read about. Both heartbreaking and empowering. We only get to read her "censured" thoughts and recounts of what she's been through, but even those brief glimpses are horrifying in their realism. It wasn't a fictional recount, it could happen in real life (it probably is). It could happen to anyone, and anybody should be so lucky to get through an ordeal like that with just a smidgen of sanity.
And the way they fit together...At first, after getting to know Thaus' rage-filled outbursts and outright brutality, I had no idea how this pairing could possibly work, but turns out it did, because Thaus isn't always "Thaus angry", he has a softer side, a side not many (if any at all) knew about. He's loyal to a fault, which his brothers know, but I had no idea he could be such a marshmallow. Ariel truly brought out the best in him. God bless the woman.
Their love story, because I cannot categorize it any other way, was beautiful to read, sweet, sad, heart-rendering, and hot in equal measure. I loved every aspect of it.

Now, the suspense was intense. One could feel it in the air, shimmering, circling, waiting to strike. It was a palpable force, always there, keeping the characters on the edge. And when the enemy struck, although the action scenes didn't pack quite the punch as in the previous books, since they happened on the sidelines, that final leap (literal) off the cliff truly was chilling. Vivid, intense, gripping. It felt like I was there, and that's how you write action scenes.

P.S. I'm looking forward to the next three books. I hope there will be the next three books. I want to read more about Phego (which is, according to the end of this book, next...when?! when?!), I'm thinking Deus follows, since he barely (and for the first time in the flesh) made an appearance in this one, and Luc, the boss, is probably the last (please, please, write about Luc, Ms Leigh). I can't wait for that last one, because I'm thinking the final battle will be the battle to end all battles. With as much foreshadowing about the seven only fighting together a few times, when it truly meant the difference between life or death, I bet that final book will feature such a situation. We're talking about the Dires here, and Luc being their de facto Alpha. I mean, c'mon, it can't be anything else. Oh, please, please, please, make it so. I'm fangirling already.


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