Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review: Claiming His Prize by Ellis Leigh

Title: Claiming His Prize
Series: Feral Breed Followings
Author: Ellis Leigh
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: March 15, 2016
Publisher: Kinship Press

Dragons don’t play well with others...

Dragon-shifter Piers has been fighting at The Pack House—an underground MMA-style fight ring for shifters—for months. He’s bested every opponent, won every prize, except the attention of the hot female doctor he can’t get off his mind.

Doctor Jane patches up shifters to keep her father safe, a fate not of her choosing. She’d be okay with her lot in life if it weren’t for the handsome dragon shifter with the charming smile she can’t stop thinking about.

When another dragon claims Jane as his mate, Piers will have to fight to the death to save her from a fate she didn’t choose. But the biggest obstacle in his way isn’t the fire-breathing dragon set on claiming what isn’t his, but the doctor herself who might choose duty over everything else. Maybe even him.

Scales will fly, hisses will sound, and dragons will take to the sky, but only one will end up with the ultimate prize: love.

My rating:

Piers's been loving his stay in The Pack House, since he doesn't have to hide his true nature anymore, and he loves to fight. But there's something more keeping him content in the MMA-style underground fighting club. The club's doctor, Jane, the woman Piers, and his dragon, cannot stay away from. Pity, she doesn't want nothing to have with him...Or does she?

Jane's been fixing up fighters for a long time, and she knows she'd keep doing it for a long time more. She doesn't allow distractions, she doesn't allow the wolf shifters, hyped up on pheromones in the air, to affect her, but there's a dragon shifter that keeps getting underneath her skin. Why can't he act all cave-man like the rest of the fighters do? Why does he have to be charming, and suave? And why can't she stop thinking about him?

But there's something fishy going on, and Jane soon finds herself as pawn in a game the owner of the club, Jane's owner, plays. But the man's too stupid to know he's playing with fire. Literally.

Wow. As I said earlier , the Feral Breed Motorcycle Club series is a tough act to follow, but unlike its predecessor, this one does a bang up job trying...And succeeding.

I loved it.

The characters were engaging, I especially loved Piers, the dragon in wolf's clothing in human's clothing, and Jane was just perfect for him, a damsel with a core of steel, the action was intense (the last, fiery showdown was gripping), the romance kept the right balance between naked and non-naked action 😉, and though the pacing wasn't flawless, the story flowed nicely.

Though I didn't particularly like the inclusion of a dragon shifter, feeling it was more an element that's been ticked off a list than a necessary addition to this series in the previous book, I actually liked it in this book—it worked just right—and I wish to see more dragons like Piers in possible future books (but knowing it's impossible, since he's one of a kind dragon raised by the wolves). We can't have it all.

But what we do have (this book) is wonderful.


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