Thursday, September 22, 2016

Review: A Kiss For Midwinter by Courtney Milan

Title: A Kiss for Midwinter
Series: Brothers Sinister
Author: Courtney Milan
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: December 16, 2012
Publisher: Courtney Milan

Miss Lydia Charingford is always cheerful, and never more so than at Christmas time. But no matter how hard she smiles, she can't forget the youthful mistake that could have ruined her reputation. Even though the worst of her indiscretion was kept secret, one other person knows the truth of those dark days: the sarcastic Doctor Jonas Grantham. She wants nothing to do with him...or the butterflies that take flight in her stomach every time he looks her way.

Jonas Grantham has a secret, too: He's been in love with Lydia for more than a year. This winter, he's determined to conquer her dislike and win her for his own. It all starts with a wager and a kiss...

My rating:

Doctor Jonas Grantham's presence is a constant reminder of Lydia's humiliation five years prior. She knows he's judging her, mocking her, condemning her with each sardonic smile, each gaze, each spoken word...But in this Christmas season, Lydia will learn not everything is as it's presumed, and some hurts need to be dealt with instead of buried.

I only said I would stop talking to you, he'd written. I never promised to stop loving you.

This. This is what I've come to expect from this author after reading The Governess Affair. Not a plot encumbered with character issues and depression, or so filled with historical politics that the story could barely be categorized as romance. This.

A character study, really, but dealing with sympathetic, realistic characters the reader can empathize with (though the heroine got on my nerves a little), and circumstances and situations that, despite their historical settings, can resonate in our modern times as well.
And romance, a true romance with its share of cuteness, sadness, happiness, and bitter-sweetness. A romance that paints a smile on your face, brings out moisture in your eyes, and makes you sigh happily in the end.

The narrative style and voice never disappoints, the length was just perfect (less likely to bog the story down with ballast and clutter if it's short), and the characters simply shone through.

Loved it.


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