Monday, August 29, 2016

Review: Claiming Their Forever (anthology) by Ellis Leigh

Title: Claiming Their Forever
Series: Feral Breed Motorcycle Club
Author: Ellis Leigh
Read copy: eBook (Kindle)
Published: April 21, 2015
Publisher: Kinship Press

Lost moments and deleted scenes from the bestselling Feral Breed series.

From the quiet after the storm in Claiming His Witch to a private moment as two mates start their future, these stories let you revisit your favorite Feral Breed couples. Together, they will claim their forevers.

My rating:

Claiming Their Forever was what I wanted from Rebel and Charlotte in the first place. They actually talked to each other...Or Rebel talked to her, and actually listened when she talked to him. They talked, they listened, they understood, they compromised, and the mated (the whole bity thing). And the inevitable sex scene "felt" better because of it. They weren't just going at it (as usual), there was something behind it—emotion, connection, understanding...

Progress, people!

Death of a Witch was absolutely perfect with friendship, family and budding new bonds on the forefront. Sarah, the old witch who raised Amber, Azurine and Scarlett, made sure her girls were taken care of before she left for the Summerlands. Sweet and a little sad with a promise of a fair future.

The Car Revealed was very PWP-ish, but who cares. They did it in a Camaro. All is forgiven if it happens in a Camaro. 😉

Christmas with Rebel...Well, I know this is a collection of deleted scenes, but this was utterly unnecessary if you ask me. It was funny once the true gift was revealed, but that was it. Whatever...

Bitches Don't Ride...Sweet. I loved Kaija going all badass on a wolf, and I loved Gates going all crazy (in a good way) on Kaija. I love these two together. Hot, sweet, and sexy.

Awwww, Domestication was the perfect ending to Phoenix-formerly-known-as-Pup and Azurine's story. They were almost unbearably cute in this story, and Phoenix's gift for her, and her gift for him (which I suspected from the start) were just perfect. Sweet, cute, and "sunny".


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