Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review: Count to Ten by Karen Rose

Title: Count to Ten
Series: Karen Rose's Interconnecting Books, Chicago, IL
Author: Karen Rose
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: January 1, 2007
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0446616907
ISBN-13: 9780446616904

In all his years in the Chicago Fire Department, Lieutenant Reed Solliday has never experienced anything like this recent outbreak of house fires - devastating, vicious and in one case, homicidal. He has another problem—his new partner, Detective Mia Mitchell. She's brash, bossy, and taking the case in a direction he never imagined.

Mia's instincts tell her the arsonist is making this personal. And as the infernos become more deadly, one look at the victims' tortured faces convinces her and Reed that they must work closer to catch the killer. With each new blaze, the villain ups the ante, setting firetraps for the people Reed and Mia love. The truth is almost too hot to handle: This monster's desire for death and destruction is unquenchable...and for Mia he's started the countdown to an early grave.

My rating:

An arson investigation soon involves dead bodies and IFO, and Homicide have to work together, forging a temporary partnership between arson investigator Lieutenant Reed Solliday and Detective Mia Mitchell. And as the arsonist/murderer escalates, so does the tension between the two partners…

I loved this book. The pacing was spot-on, the plot well-developed, the characterization was wonderful, the suspense chilling, the villain strangely fascinating, and the little romance sub-plot perfectly balanced the tension-filled suspense.

I absolutely loved Mia, which is a huge exception in my usual I-hate-the-heroine “demeanor”. In fact, the hero was the one frustrating the heck out of me. I just wished someone would’ve smacked him upside the head or something. Because his sticking to the past was bloody annoying. Lucky for Mia and the readers he saw his error in time, before I started ranting about my hero-hate to the world.

There were many sub-plots in this book, some previous characters paid us a visit (“whew” for Abe, and “congratulations” to Dana and Ethan), but the story didn’t seem clogged and crammed with too much of everything. All the little cameos, and even the part with Reed's daughter, provided some much needed respite between the suspense scenes.

Absolutely loved it!


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