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Review: Seductive Supernaturals: 12 Tales of Shapeshifters, Vampires & Sexy Spirits

Title: Seductive Supernaturals: 12 Tales of Shapeshifters, Vampires & Sexy Spirits
Author: Erin Quinn, Caridad Pineiro, Erin Kellison, Lisa Kessler, Chris Marie Green, Mary Leo
Read copy: eBook
Published: October 20, 2014
Publisher: Full Moon Books, LLC
ISBN: 0692292381
ISBN-13: 9780692292389


Gracie Beck vowed that she would never to return to Diablo Springs, but the haunted town lures her back—along with the man who betrayed her years ago. Reilly broke her heart with his lies. Now, he wants a second chance to win her, but can they survive the ghosts of Diablo Springs?

VAMPIRE REBORN by Caridad Pineiro

Would you be reborn for love? Ryder Latimer, sexy Southern vampire, will have to make one of the most difficult choices in his undead life: Become human again or protect his new wife and child.

SHADOW FALL by Erin Kellison

Just discovering her magic, ballerina Annabella Ames didn’t mean to summon a dark wolf from Twilight, nor the tempting fallen angel Custo Santovari, who has no place in Heaven. The cunning wolf stalks them relentlessly, and danger seduces as they fight for redemption and love.

NIGHT ANGEL by Lisa Kessler

When Colin Flynn returns home to Ireland, the immortal Night Walker's flesh has healed, but the scars hide a broken spirit. Juliana Duffy plays piano in spite of her deafness, challenging him to redefine himself and find the strength to battle an ancient enemy.


Two monster hunters fighting a star-crossed attraction and one bloodthirsty phantom leaving a trail of death...Can love survive till the sun rises?


They say Hotel Colorado is haunted, but when Dillon Spencer appears in his hotel room to find Hilly Thompson, his assistant, soaking in the tub, he begins to question whether or not he’s alive, dead, or caught in another dimension.

MORE THAN FIENDS by Maureen Child

At 32, Cassidy Burke discovers she’s a legendary Demon Duster. But she’s got bigger problems than some pesky demons. Like, Logan Miller—first love, baby daddy to her genius daughter is back. Then there’s Devlin Cole, a walking orgasm with too many secrets. Cassidy’s life is out of control and about to get way too interesting.


When Dr. Evelyn Vale is paired with Immortal Bounty’s sexy commander to go undercover and infiltrate a supernatural body-trafficking ring, she’s eager to get to work. Until she learns the catch...To crack this case, he’ll need to possess her body.

FOREVER ROSE by Janet Wellington

Tarot cards predict a dangerous journey for Taylor Rose, but she doesn’t expect to travel back to 1888 San Diego. What the cards didn’t predict was falling for a man bent on revenge, a helpful ghost, and spooky séances. Is she there to prevent a murder or to find love?


Corporal Cole Wagner lost his humanity in war—literally. Turned into a vampire by the military’s Vector Force, he’s the ultimate weapon, but when he returns home to set the past right, will the enemy stop at nothing to get him, including threatening the life of the woman he loved, and lost, before?

VAMPIRE MAGIC (Blood Genie, books 1 and 2) by Sheri Whitefeather

Two tenderly romantic, wildly erotic stories featuring supernatural hybrids (vampires/genies) who grant wishes for the exchange of blood.


A mandatory vacation lands Agent Sherri Walker in bed with a local werewolf. Asher Hughes walked away from his outlaw pack but couldn't ditch the bad blood. Together they’ll have to pull off one hell of an act to get out of treacherous territory alive.

My rating: /

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

I went through 6 stories in this 12-story bundle, and all six were less than impressive (if I use a mild expression). So, leery of wasting even more time reading something I didn't like instead of wasting my time reading something I did like, I decided to forgo my foray into the paranormal world created by the imagination of 12 to me more or less unknown authors.

And this is why...


It started with a bang. The first chapter had me nailed to my seat and then I waited with batted breath just what might come next...Not much came next.

The story didn't deliver on the bang it promised. It was all over the place as if the author couldn't decide just what (paranormal) elements to use so she threw (almost) everything into the mix. SO we had a hodgepodge of a ghost town, apparitions of the dead right after they died, death lights, a chasm where supposedly the Devil dwelt, an angry ghost searching for "his share", a couple of other ghosts, a few ghostly possessions, a teenage pregnancy, a motley crew of I don't know what, a love lost and found again, a young man from the wrong side of the tracks, a Romeo&Juliet theme, a couple of dogs, incest, gun-slingers, flashbacks written in first person POV...Sheesh.

It was too much of everything and not enough of anything. The narrative style wasn't engaging, the characters were bland, the events were unrealistic (I know it's supposed to be a paranormal story, but still)...I just kept rolling my eyes, waiting for it to end. Miss

VAMPIRE REBORN by Caridad Pineiro

WTF?! And I thought the first one in this 12-book extravaganza was bad. First of all this wasn't a stand-alone novella, but part of a series. Second, it wasn't the first in the series either, so I ended up in the middle of things and had no idea what was going on. Third, the whole vampire mythology and lore was thrown out the window. Forget sparkly-in-the-sun vampires (blah), the one in this book was apparently reverting back to human.

Plus, there were slayers, and not the funky Buffy-kind, but ones with some kinetic powers of some sort, then there was a thing/vampire/whatever that drained the life force of people, then there were vampire/human hybrids. To me you're either a human, a vampire, or a corpse if the drinker refuses to turn the drinkee...And the cherry on the cake (sarcastically speaking) a human/vampire hybrid FBI agent married to the vampire turning human...and they had a baby. WTF?!

I just didn't feel the story, and in the end I didn't care much about the characters and what had happened, was happening, and would happen to them. Miss

SHADOW FALL by Erin Kellison

Are you kidding me? Another in-the-middle-of-a-series story. And a world I'm supposed to suddenly understand everything from a few sentences thrown in? Uhm, no can do. Besides, I've read better Fae/Shadow/Fairy stories than this, actually a whole series that was written much better, the world was much better presented and built, and it actually had some basis in reality (or legends and myths told through generations).

In this one there was just too much there, Death, Shadow, a rapist wolf, wraiths, angels, a banshee, a ballerina, a guy dead for two years that suddenly comes back to the living, lots of sex, a forest hidden between the worlds, a mention of Persephone, some Giselle thrown into the mix (how can a creature that's not from this world know how to dance the male part in a ballet production?), twins on the way, possessions etc.

Another story with too many elements without anything overly cohesive to bring it all together. Miss

NIGHT ANGEL by Lisa Kessler

Okay, the story is set in Ireland. It's not Scotland, which is my favorite setting, but it's close. The story should be good, right?


A Mayan god living in Ireland speaking with an irish accent, able to shape-shift into a hawk and drinking blood to survive. *eyeroll*
A native "demon" taking the appearance of a handsome guy with a hypnotic voice to lure the girls to the sea shore that then turns into a horse with glowing red eyes taking the girls into the water with him and eating them. *eyeroll*
A deaf florist that ends up being a pawn in the battle between the vampire Mayan god and the Irish Stallion. That wouldn't be so bad if the girl wasn't so annoying. Miss


What in the world?!

I don't even know how to explain this one. It started fine, I actually liked the prologue...And then it turned into a first person POV and it lost its appeal. And then the rest of the story happened and I completely lost interest.

A dueling phantom, a psychic hottie, an amnesiac heroine with boots that turn into vines...What in the world? Miss


Okay, it's official. I'm cursed.

This one started rather promisingly...Until the guy ended up in a coma and started appearing to the heroine...and acting all OOC. The "ghost" didn't seem like a "ghost" of a thirty-year-old man, but more that of a child or maybe a teenager. Add to it other ghosts (at one point it all looked like a Night At The Museum rip-off) and the heroine's penchant for taking baths only to be caught in flagrante by the hero's "ghost", and it all went down the drain rather quickly. Miss

I had to stop here. Enough is enough.


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