Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review: Home For Good by Terri Reed

Title: Home for Good
Author: Terri Reed

Read copy: eBook
Published: October 20, 2014
Publisher: Tule Publishing
ISBN: 1942240015
ISBN-13: 9781942240013

After making a deathbed promise to her father, Joelle Winslow is ready to seize the NYC business opportunity to take her jewelry designs global. All she needs to do is cash out her inherited half of the family ranch in Montana—which means convincing her childhood rival, and now co-heir, to sell or buy her out. Sparks fly when Matt, no longer a gangly, solemn teenager, but a tall, handsome cowboy with work-hewn muscles, is unwilling to give up on the legacy he's worked so hard to keep without a fight. And part of his bargain includes Joelle staying at the ranch with him through Homecoming Weekend.

The son her father never had...
The Winslow ranch rescued Matt Locke from a life in the foster-care system. As an orphan boy adopted by Clark Winslow and groomed to take over the ranch, he wants nothing more than to marry, raise a family, and continue the legacy of the man who became a father to him after his parents’ tragic deaths. Matt can't imagine a life anywhere else, and he definitely can't afford to buy Joelle out. Can he convince the dark haired beauty to not walk out on him and her home a second time?

My rating:

***ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley***

Another one I didn't finish. And it was a novella! Just sayin'.

I just couldn't get past the egotistical, self-centered heroine, bratty. Also, I didn't catch the "romantic vibes" between her and the hero. There weren't even friends as far as I could read. There was just nothing there.


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