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Review: Deep Autumn Heat by Elisabeth Barrett

Title: Deep Autumn Heat
Series: Star Harbor
Author: Elisabeth Barrett
Read copy: eBook
Published: July 9, 2012
Publisher: LoveSwept
ISBN: 1448111609
ISBN-13: 9781448111602

Lexie Meyers decides there's nothing sweeter than watching Sebastian Grayson's perfect, wicked mouth devour her coconut cake. He's hot, he's hungry, and he's sizing her up like she's the best thing on the menu. But she's been burned in the past and flings just aren't her thing. Too bad Sebastian can't resist a challenge.

Worldly, famous, and notorious with the ladies, Seb had planned a weekend of fishing and relaxation with his brothers. Until Lexie, with her kissable lips and frosty "get lost" attitude, makes him want to forget his culinary empire and create some magic with her. After he fires up his charm-including challenging her to a televised cook-off to break through her resistance-it's now hotter in the bedroom than it is in the kitchen and Lexie isn't sure whether she's lost her mind . . . or just her heart.

My rating:

***copy provided by publisher through NetGalley***

The four Grayson brothers have gathered in their home town of Safe Harbor for the anniversary of their father’s death. Sebastian Grayson, the famous chef, was the last to join them, and he’s feeling a little cranky without proper coffee. So the Grayson four fill into LMK (Lexie Meyers Kitchen), the local diner/restaurant, where Seb is immediately taken by the owner, Lexie Meyers...And her amazing coconut cake.

Lexie knows who Seb is. She also knows of his reputation with the ladies. So there’s no chance in hell that she’d give in to his seduction. Her last relationship has made her gun-shy and, well, there’s also the fact Seb’s living in New York City. There’s absolutely no future for them, right? If she was willing to give it a shot, that is.

Well, she never counted with Seb’s determination, that’s for sure.

Boy am I glad I requested this on NetGalley. And the publisher accepted that request. Otherwise I probably never would’ve read this one. And that would’ve been a pity.

One word came to mind as I deleted it off my eReader. WOW. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Wonderful characters (especially Seb *grin*), great story-telling, rather tight plot, some culinary delights (I wouldn’t mind tasting that incredible-sounding coconut cake), all safely tucked into the wonderful, cute little community of Safe Harbor.
There’s just something about (some) small-town set books I adore. Everybody knows everybody, everybody butts into everyone else’s business, and the townspeople take care of each other. And every small-town in fiction has one or two bad boys that somehow find their way back into the bosom of their hometown, meet the right girl, and “mend their wicked ways”. And Safe Harbor in this instance apparently has FOUR of those bad boys. And I’ll most certainly read their books. Because if this first book in the series is any indication, I’ll love each and every one of them.

Because this one was almost perfect, with just a few hiccups that bothered me a little along the way. Like the whole stalker thingie that ended up in a ‘huh?’ moment or the psycho-angle that somehow didn’t fit into the overall story (did we really need the suspense sub-plot when everything else seemed to work just fine?), and the produce-warehouse serving as something else (that yet again somehow didn’t fit, but will feature in the next books, judging by the blurbs).

Still, these were little hiccups that didn’t prevent me from enjoying Lexie and Seb’s story. They were great together, the chemistry was palpable, the hotness super-hot, and the slow slide into love a real treat to read.

Loved it! Bring on the next Grayson.


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