Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: Ghost Hunter by Jayne Castle

Title: Ghost Hunter
Series: Harmony
Author: Jayne Castle
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: May 30, 2006
Publisher: Jove
ISBN: 0515141402
ISBN-13: 9780515141405

Local Guild boss and powerful ghost-hunter Cooper Boone is everything botanist Elly St. Claire could ask for-the handsome, strong, and silent type. Maybe too silent. For when Guild secrets threaten her career at the college, Ely has to call off their marriage-and leave small-town life behind...

But starting over in the thriving metropolis of Cadence City isn't easy, especially when one of Elly's new friends disappears in the eerie catacombs beneath the streets. Cooper turns up just in time to help Elly investigate. And as the mystery deepens and dangerous ghost myths and legends come to light, Cooper makes it clear he intends to stick around-and this time he's holding nothing back...

My rating:

Another winner. Tight plot, great tension, explosive attraction, gripping mystery, rather cuckoo villain, hot sex, man-of-my-dreams hero...JAK/AQ/JC knows what she's doing.

The only hiccup (as always) was the heroine. I don't know why they always get on my nerves. Maybe it's because I want their counterpart for my own and am simply green with envy. 😉 And maybe it's just I can't stand their reaction, reasoning, and stubbornness when they're clearly in over their head...And their utter blindness when it comes to the hero, their motives, and their feelings.

Anyway, loved it. Cooper (the hero) more than compensated for Elly (the heroine). Loved it from beginning to end. More please.


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