Sunday, January 22, 2012

Review: Five Alarm Neighbor by Anna Leigh Keaton

Title: Five Alarm Neighbor
Series: To Serve and Protect
Author: Anna Leigh Keaton
Read copy: eBook
Published: June 2, 2006
Publisher: Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 1600880002
ISBN-13: 9781600880001

Gracie Terrence has lived next door to firefighter Steve Sheldon for two years. She’s lusted after his hot body since day one, but Steve is a taken man. Gracie is no home wrecker and keeps her fantasies locked safely behind closed doors. Besides, all she wants is one hot night with him.

After getting dumped by his fiancée, Steve decides it’s time to have a little fun with Gracie. She makes his blood heat. But when one night turns to two, and emotions complicate their simple affair, can they survive the inferno of their growing love?

My rating:

Okay, what can you expect from an erotica short story? Page-to-page sex fest. And this one was no different. But, unlike many other page-to-page sex fests, this one actually had a story. Somewhere in the background, that is, but a story, a plot nonetheless.

A pretty tight one, which I actually enjoyed, despite my adversity to page-to-page-sex-fest stories. I rather disliked the heroine and her 'animosity' toward heroes—stereotyping all firefighters/search-and-rescue officers/etc. because of her father dying at thirty was just wrong. And almost cost her her man. And, as usual, it took a near-death experience (not hers) to conk her over the head and make her see reason.
I loved the fact it was the guy who took the plunge first, and wouldn't take no for an answer. Made me go awwwww.


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