Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: Hot Boss, Wicked Nights by Anne Oliver

Title: Hot Boss, Wicked Nights
Series: Undressed by the Boss
Author: Anne Oliver
Read copy: eBook
Published: October 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426840918
ISBN-13: 9781426840913

Acting impulsively, Kate Fielding indulged in one night of steamy sex with a stranger—but her actions came back to haunt her when she discovered that her passionate lover was none other than her new boss, Damon Gillespie!

Mortified, Kate has to fly to Bali with Damon to a luxurious holiday resort for business. Kate wants to prove she can be utterly professional, but ten sultry nights with her bad-boy boss are going to test her resolution to the limit….

My rating:

Kate Fielding. 30 years old. Works in a travel agency. Comes from a large, conservative family with an overprotective father. Rather reserved when it comes to men, because she’s been burned by her cheating fianc√© three years ago. Kate doesn’t do casual.

So what is she doing in a room above a pub, recently escaped from a hen-night from hell, dressed in a flimsy belly-dancer costume jumping an unshaved, golden-eyed stranger in a black T-shirt and jungle-green cargo pants?

Was it all due to her friend’s needling? Probably. Lapse in judgment? Most likely. Will she want a repeat performance? Definitely not!
She doesn’t even know the guy. And she escaped as soon as he took a business call. If business is more important than a one-night stand with a masked stranger so be it.

Well, she will have to rethink her plan, because the rugged, cargo-pants wearing, stranger, walks straight into the travel agency’s conference room two days later. In an elegant suit. Apparently she’d had a brief encounter of the third kind with her new boss.

I saw this one in a special offer package on the HQ website, and though I’m not a Presents fan (the titles are usually toss-the-cookies worthy), I was inexplicably drawn to the cover. Then I read the blurb and I was hooked.

What a great, light, enjoyable, quick-read romance this was. No suspense, no damsel in distress, just a straight-up feel-good love-story in the making.

Since it is a Harlequin, the outcome was obvious from the start, but it was still a pleasure reading about these two complete opposites finding their true happiness together.
Of course, this—yet again—being a Harlequin, it wasn’t that easy. They both had quite a lot of baggage under their belt, painful pasts to overcome, but they did in fact overcome everything, it took the hero (predictably) a little longer to get it, and thought the ending was a little flat (no fireworks as I expected) and a bit out of character for the hero (though the onion was a sweet thought), it still delivered what it set out to.

A lovely, light-weight, quickie of a romance.


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