Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Green-Eyed Envy by Kasey MacKenzie

Title: Green-Eyed Envy
Series: Shades of Fury
Author: Kasey MacKenzie
Read copy: eBook
Published: June 28, 2011
Publisher: ACE
ISBN: 1101529172
ISBN-13: 9781101529171

Jealousy can be a killer...

As a Fury, Marissa Holloway belongs to an Arcane race that has meted out justice since time immemorial. As Boston's chief magical investigator, it's her duty to solve any crimes committed by or against supernaturals.

Months have gone by since Riss discovered some unwelcome truths about her past—and managed to stop a supernatural war. Since then things have been quiet. Too quiet. But that all changes when the bodies of Bastai, shapeshifters also known as Cats, begin piling up in Boston's magical underbelly—even though the legendary shifters are supposed to have ninety-nine lives.

One common thread ties the victims together: all were old flames of FBI Agent Harper Cruz. And since Harper and Riss's lover Scott Murphy enjoyed a one-night stand before he and Riss reunited, the Fury has twice the incentive to crack the case wide open, before the killer's green-eyed gaze turns in Scott's direction.

My rating:

This book is second in Ms. MacKenzie’s Shades of Fury series, but the first I’ve read…And I don’t think I’ll come back for more. Don’t get me wrong, I went in very little expectations, but the promise of the blurb constantly on the back of my mind. Unfortunately, the book didn’t meet those measly expectations or kept the promise of the blurb.

Though not really a fan of urban fantasy, I am a big fan of mythology, so I was naturally curious to see a “real-life” fury in action. Unlucky me, I got a strangely chic-lity book with a sassy, overly-self-talking heroine that despite her big “Rage” spiel, didn’t show it that much. And for someone who’s the boss in the magical investigative division, she was strangely blind as to what was going on around her - mostly in the villain department.

For the rest...What can I say. As far as romance goes, this was definitely an urban fantasy novel, since the boyfriend thing didn’t strike me as overly sincere. I didn’t feel the chemistry, I didn’t feel the connection. I was told there was, but I didn’t “experience” it. The suspense part was quite good, but, once again, the big bad magical investigator almost blew it. The supporting cast added a rather humorous tone, which was good, the fighting scenes were good, but the pacing seemed a little off, since the book really picked up speed only in the second half.


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