Friday, July 8, 2011

Review: French Twist by Roxanne St. Claire

Title: French Twist
Author: Roxanne St. Claire

Read copy: eBook
Published: February 9, 2004
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing
ISBN: 0743498593
ISBN-13: 9780743498593

Janine Coulter has just gotten her big chance to prove herself, managing a prestigious exhibit at the Palace of Versailles—and Luc Tremont, the security specialist, is clearly trouble. He's making decisions without her, under-cutting her authority. He's also too smooth, too virile, too dangerously handsome, too...well...French! And Janine has the uneasy suspicion he's not all that he seems.

Luc resolutely ignores the powerful sizzle of attraction he feels when he meets Janine—the quintessential California girl with her blond hair, blue eyes, and legs that seem to go on forever. But when thieves steal priceless treasures from the exhibit, and Luc and Janine give chase across the lush Burgundy countryside, their forced intimacy ignites the passion both have tried to ignore. Luc wonders what will happen when Janine learns his true identity—but with dangerous men pursuing them, they may not live to find out....

My rating:

Oh. My. God. Ms. St. Claire has done it again. And even better than Tropical Getaway if you ask me. Because the heroine was actually someone I could like from the first page, and the hero was tall, dark, and handsome (no blond Viking this time)...Add to that explosive chemistry (still between the hero and heroine), a double-theft, a murderous villain, a dash across the French countryside, betrayal from withing, smokin' sex, and the mystery revolving around the hero, his true identity, and his dark past...And you have yourself a winner.

I literally could not put it down toward the end. The tension kept building and escalating, until it reached its boiling point on the shore of Lake Geneva. But, once more, that big climax wasn't really the end of the story. Nope, Ms. St. Claire is apparently a master in double climax (no pun intended). Because as the big one ended, the real one has just began with the facing of the big problem between the hero and heroine—he was bound to disappear, she knew his secret, neither of the two wanted their romance to end...What could possibly be done to prevent this unwanted separation? Was there any hope whatsoever for these two, the Pompadour-enthusiast professor and a reformed thief?

It appeared the Fates were not on their side...But since this is Romancelandia we're speaking of, everything worked out in the end. And I loved the ending, it was even more "awwww"-sound-inducing than the ending in Tropical Getaway, because it had appeared there was no hope left for these two, but the stars did smile down upon them eventually.

Loved it, loved it, loved it. Roxanne St. Claire is now definitely one of my favorite authors. I love her style, the wonderful pacing, characterization, and amazing plot-lines. Can't wait for more.


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