Monday, July 4, 2011

Review: Dead Ringer by Mary Burton

Title: Dead Ringer
Author: Mary Burton

Read copy: eBook
Published: November 2008
Publisher: Kensington Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781420107777

Some Nightmares....

Beside each body, he leaves a simple charm bearing a woman's name. Ruth. Martha. Judith. The victims were strangers to each other, but they have been chosen with the utmost care. Each bears a striking resemblance to Kendall Shaw, a local anchorwoman ...each brutally strangled by a madman whose obsession will never end....

Don't Fade....

In front of the cameras, Kendall is the picture of stylish confidence. But at night she's haunted by nightmares in which she is young, alone, and filled with fear. Are these memories—or omens? Despite warnings from Richmond Detective Jacob Warwick, Kendall can't stop investigating the recent string of murders. She knows she holds the key to catching an obsessed psychopath—if he doesn't get to her first....

With Daylight....

The deeper Kendall and Jacob dig into the victims' backgrounds, the more terrifying the discoveries. For from the shadows of the past, a legacy of evil has resurfaced. Every murder, every moment has been leading to Kendall. And this time, nothing will stop the killer making her his final victim...

My rating:

The first book by this author I read didn’t really convince me, so I was pretty “nervous” as to how this one would pan out. And I was pleasantly surprised.

Good suspense, wonderful tension (also between characters), great mystery, good pacing...I was satisfied with this reading experience. Pity, the heroine was a journalist, though. They always come across as vultures willing to do anything to get their story. While I might admire the zeal in other circumstances, murder isn’t one of those.

Still, the strange connection Kendall felt with the victims helped in making her distance herself from her profession, and humanize the victims for her.

Good story.


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