Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review: Hide in Plain Sight by Michele Albert

Title: Hide in Plain Sight
Series: Avalon Prequel
Author: Michele Albert
Read copy: eBook
Published: May 1, 2006
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing
ISBN: 1416523073
ISBN-13: 9781416523079


Fiona Kennedy can tell a forgery from the genuine article in a snap. Drop-dead-sexy Grif Laughton, however, is not so easy to read. He's clearly a masterpiece of the male variety — and the attraction he sparks is definitely the real thing. But Grif is a man of secrets, and the potentially priceless manuscript he's asked her to appraise is just one of them.


But someone is willing to kill for the manuscript, and Grif reveals that he's a mercenary, hired to protect Fiona. Is he really who he seems, or is he just using her as bait? On the run from an unknown enemy, Fiona gives in to her all-consuming need for the man who may be her one chance for survival — or her final chapter.

My rating:

A completely new author for me, and though it didn't blew me away, it delivered quite a punch. The difference was in the fact the hero was using the heroine to gain his goal, she found out pretty quickly, he admitted the whole thing, and he spent the rest of their time together acting like a bastard and pushing her away.

So what is so different, you ask? He almost succeeded in pushing her away. He thought he actually didn't deserve to be happy, that he deserved the life he was living, and didn't want anything to do with her, because she was a distraction...There was no "maybe I'll convince her to give me a chance". Nope, he told her he was a bastard, that he was only using her, she hated his guts, and that was almost it...If it wasn't for that bullet and the hero realizing he was getting "too old for this shit", if I'm allowed to quote the dynamic duo from Lethal Weapon.

Though the whole "I hate you, you prick" didn't sound that convincing from her mouth, when she couldn't wait to get naked with him again, and the "reversion back to self" didn't sound that convincing either, due to the whole "I hate you, you prick" from before, this was still a pretty good ride, story-wise...And I'm rather curious as to the series after this prequel, because the big boss intrigues me. A lot. The whole thing is very similar to Justine Davis' Redstone Incorporated series, but that's probably why I'm intrigued as much as I am.

And the bad guy was a beauty to read as well. I really hope he makes an appearance in latter books as well, because I don't think he's said his last words yet (seeing how he got away and all).


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