Monday, May 23, 2011

Review: The Adultery Diet by Eva Cassady

Title: The Adultery Diet
Author: Eva Cassady

Read copy: Paperback
Published: August 31, 2007
Publisher: Piatkus Books
ISBN: 0749937343
ISBN-13: 9780749937348

Eva Cassady is stuck in a marriage that's completely lost its luster. She's even envious of her twenty-year-old daughter, living la vie Parisienne (complete with les condoms) in France for a year. Somewhere inside, Eva knows she's still a woman with dreams and desires—but her whole dull, status-quo existence can be summed up by the tyrannical numbers on her bathroom scale. At 176 pounds, is she just one more invisible, middle-aged woman who will never inspire lust in a man again?

Then fickle fortune—via her job—puts Eva back in touch with Michael Foresman, her passionate lover one unforgettable college spring break. Michael seems trés interested in meeting up and rekindling some old sparks, but she can't possibly let him see her the way she looks now. With reborn fantasies burning through her blood, Eva starts dieting and exercising like a woman passion.

With the pounds dropping away, Eva feels as if twenty years have rolled back as well. She feels young, sexy, desirable...and when Michael arrives, he obviously agrees. So now Eva has to make a choice. When a diet promises to change your life, just how big a change do you really want to make?

My rating:

There are plenty of better chick-lit out there (and this from someone who isn't exactly a fan of the genre).

A clichéd, cringe-worthy tale of a forty-something career woman cum wife becoming disillusioned with her life, and using a prospective (old) lover as an excuse to diet and change her life around.

Which could've worked if it wasn't for the cheating part. I truly hoped she wouldn't go through with it, and when she did, it just ruined more an already rather bad book. Sure, she had a log for a husband, but there are plenty of such women out there. Women who decide to diet for themselves, to make them feel better, to make them give a new energy to embark on the quest of making their husbands notice them once more. And many of those women do no cheat on their logs of a husband. And those who do, their logs don't just take them back.


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