Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Ocean of Fire by Emma Daniels

Title: Ocean of Fire
Author: Emma Daniels

Read copy: eBook
Published: June 19, 2009
Publisher: Storm Publishing

Nicole Cameron is hopping mad with her father for not letting her join his crew on the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. She’s even more annoyed that she has to go to the cocktail party celebrating the race. But when she meets the man her father chose in preference to her, she’s almost glad she’s not going. Nicole has never met anyone she dislikes on the spot, but Philip Pelayo manages to get her riled like no one on earth.

Then, only days before the race, her younger bother gets appendicitis, and their father has no choice but to include Nicole. At first she’s overjoyed, but the handsome and arrogant Philip Pelayo soon manages to spoil the trip for her. When she gets hyperthermia, who should crawl into her bunk with her to keep her warm? .... Philip. When they finally reach the finish line, Nicole vows to keep well away from him. But the fire of desire has been ignited, particularly as Philip decides to make it a holiday neither of them will ever forget....

My rating:

It had its moments, both good and bad. I liked the premise, but felt the actual story took a little too long with all the hang-ups (first heroine’s than the hero’s), also there were too many ups and downs, making the story drag toward the end. Just when I thought they resolved it all, lo and behold, another obstacle was thrown into their path. And all these obstacles had to do with trust (or lack of it) between them, making me wonder how they could even hope of having a relationship.
Still, it all worked out nicely in the end.

The second problem was the narration and voice. At moments I felt like I was reading a YA. They sure acted rather immaturely at the beginning despite her being 22 and he 30. Yet, once I got used to the “juvenile” style, I managed to push it away and concentrate on the story.

This would’ve definitely worked best as a short story (there were too many turns on the road for me), but it was still a rather enjoyable read.


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