Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review: Amaryllis by Jayne Castle

Title: Amaryllis
Series: St. Helens
Author: Jayne Castle
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: October 1, 1996
Publisher: Pocket
ISBN: 0671569031
ISBN-13: 9780671569037

Amaryllis Lark is one of the best psychic detectives on St. Helen’s, the earth colony recently cut off from the mother planet, yet not so very different from home. . . . Lucas Trent, the rugged head of Lodestar Exploration, isn’t keen on the prim type—and from her crisp business suit to her cool evaluation of his request to bust a corporate thief, beautiful Amaryllis is excruciatingly proper. But when a bold hunch heats up into a twisting murder investigation, by-the-book Amaryllis must let her guard down and break some rules—and a red-hot love affair ignites. Now, as they race to solve a puzzle of deadly intrigue, no power—otherworldly or otherwise—can keep them apart!

My rating:

This was a great story with a wonderful mix of paranormal, sci-fi, and suspense elements with a little wink at historical romance with the whole “society-approved marriage” theme.
Loved the hero, loved the premise, adored the psychic angle (very early Arcane Society with the added need of a focus link between two individuals), especially alongside the fact the entire population “suffers” from it. Though it’s set on a far-away (not-yet-discovered or forgotten) planet it had a very contemporary romance feel, if it weren’t for several mentions of the planet’s flora, fauna, history, and two moons the reader could’ve easily forgot it wasn’t set on Earth…

The only problem I had with it (a minor one, mind you), was the heroine. She was a bit too “amandaquickish” for me. You know, those heroines from her Victorian era that love playing detectives, though they have no idea what they’re doing, thinking oh-how clever they are, attempting at “protecting” the hero and his “fragile” sensibilities…Amaryllis was one of those. Not TSTL (thankfully), but still very naïve and sometimes rather silly and stupid.

Still, an amazing story and I can’t wait for more.


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