Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: True North by Marie Force

Title: True North
Author: Marie Force

Read copy: eBook
Published: November 23, 2010
Publisher: Smashwords

The first time Travis North lays eyes on Liana McDermott, she’s wearing the most hideous bridesmaid dress he’s ever seen. He doesn't immediately recognize the world-famous super model who is attending her cousin Enid's wedding at the country club he owns.

Thanks to Enid's shameless matchmaking, Travis and Liana become acquainted and later embark on a two-week fling intended to be free of emotion and entanglement. As Liana's return to work gets closer, however, Travis wonders how he'll ever let her go when the time comes while Liana considers whether he might be her true north.

Two high-powered careers, two amazing weeks and a love that comes along just once in a lifetime. Is she ready to give up her career for a different kind of life? Does he want the same things she does? After insisting on an emotionless affair, she can't very well ask him. Or can she?

My rating:

Liana McDermott. Gorgeous supermodel. She’s in town for two weeks to attend her cousin’s wedding as the maid of honor. Which also entails a hideous dress, but that’s not important right now.
Travis North. Gorgeous owner of the establishment where the wedding reception is taking place. He sees Liana across the room and sparks fly, despite the fact he doesn’t recognize immediately who he is.

Liana’s cousin, Enid’s wedding coordination contract also has an addendum. Travis has to be the one to take Liana home. But she doesn’t want to go home just yet, so Travis invites her to his apartment to change, but that doesn’t quite go according to plan. Well, it depends on your point of view, really
She ends up thinking he’s yet another guy wanting her for her looks. He ends up questioning whether he read the signs right...And they’re at an impasse.

Lucky for all of us, Travis is quite stubborn when he wants something, and he wants Liana. And nothing will stay in his way, not even her mother whom he charms in a matter of minutes, scoring a date with the elusive Liana.
Liana, whom her cousin finally convinced she should have a fling. It’s just sex. Well, sweaty sex, so what’s the harm, right? And Travis is just perfect for the job, but first they have to make some rules.

Rule number one: the fling will last for only two weeks, then Liana has to get back to work
Rule number two: no one is to know about it, she prefers her stay in town to be a secret
Rule number three: no emotions, this is a strictly no-strings-attached sweaty-sex fling, so they won’t fall in love.

The number one isn’t that difficult, she really has to go back to work. Number two and three might prove a little more tricky, though.

Awwwwwwwww. It’s not even a word, it’s a sound, but that’s what comes to mind when thinking about this cute story. Just a plain old awwwwwwwww. Because it was sweet, sexy, romantic, funny, a little bitter-sweet, and a whole lot lovable.

We actually got two love stories packed into one, and though the second one might’ve been just a filler, serving as a catalyst for the one of the two suspense sub-plots (that wasn’t that necessary, mind you), it worked nicely alongside the main romance, and the suspense wasn’t that bad either...And it all ended well.

For the second love-story, that is. The first one, the main one between Liana and Travis was hard work. Because it sure didn’t look good for them in the future. She had her career and contractual obligations, he was firmly rooted in Rhode Island and his fledgling resort. And she sure as heck didn’t know what she really wanted.
And here comes the only problem I had with this story. Yes, it’s the heroine (again). The chick had no idea what she really wanted in life. She claimed she didn’t like her supermodel life anymore, all the demands, the media attention, the circus...Yet, she didn’t want to give it all up for Travis and the love she found with him. She claimed she needed to make an informed decision, not based on only two weeks with him. And called him unreasonable, when he just wanted her to choose him...Whatever. And even when she realized she was miserable without him it was him who had to go get her. And still she couldn’t give him a definitive answer. Sheesh. If I don’t like something in women, whether real or fictitious, it’s their indecision. I know, you just can’t decide what you want in life at a moment’s notice, but she’s been in the business for ten years and she knew she didn’t like it. And still she didn’t want to give it up for him.

She should’ve taken her colleague, Jessie, the one living the second romance in this story, as an example. She was younger, yet she didn’t have a problems with giving it all up. And her explanation for dropping all her contracts? “Tell them I’m knocked up.” Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? ;)

Still, despite the heroine’s indecision, this story was one of the best contemporary romance I’ve read in a while. And it was yet more proof that Marie Force should stay on my to-watch list.

For those of you who love contemporary romances with a bit of a “maybe-not-meant-to-be” twist, great characters, filled with romance and humor, this story is for you. Enjoy.


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