Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Sex and the Single Pearl by Mia Varano

Title: Sex and the Single Pearl
Author: Mia Varano

Read copy: eBook
Published: August 1, 2008
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
ISBN: 1603102140
ISBN-13: 9781603102148

Urban legend promises the woman who finds the single pearl one week of pure sexual fulfillment, so L.A. attorney, Kyra Davis, is thrilled when she finds the fabled gem. There's only one problem. Kyra doesn't even know her own sexual fantasies. Can hot-shot sports attorney, Gavin St. Clair, help her realize those fantasies? Gavin doesn't know a thing about the single pearl, but he does know he wants to lead the reserved Kyra on an exploration of her deepest desires.

My rating:

Shoot! This could've been a great full-length novel with a little more plot, not that much sex, and without the threesome in the end.
Sometimes the latter works for me (rare occasions, because I can't contemplate the notion of sharing someone in bed, call me weird, why don't ya), in this one it didn't.

Still, up until the last sex-fest, this was a good little story.


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