Sunday, November 14, 2010

Review: Making A Scene by Trudy Doyle

Title: Making a Scene
Author: Trudy Doyle

Read copy: eBook
Published: December 17, 2008
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
ISBN: 1607770075
ISBN-13: 9781607770077

Pamela Flynn is the author of the popular Tanaka & Shields series, about a hot Philadelphia detective duo whose upcoming fourth book will no doubt send Pam into the bestseller stratosphere. Or so believe her editor and agent, since a prestigious production company wants to turn the series into a movie. But only on one condition: Pam has one week to deliver a scene in which the sexy Philly cops finally drop the double entendre and do the down and dirty. But ever since Pam tossed out her live-in boy-toy after she caught him in bed with her oldest friend, she’s been cursed with a perpetual blank page. And if writer’s block isn’t bad enough, she can’t even get a decent cup of coffee.

So when Pam ends up at the new bistro, Serious Joe, she doesn’t realize how much inspiration can be packed into a gratis cup of coffee from the cafe’s steaming-hot owner, Roark Carmelli. But even though it’ll take a few Mocha Javettes, several croissants, a stakeout, a wild train trip, a gun to the head and the beta version of the mile high club, with Roark’s help, Pam’s betting she can make the scene!

My rating:

I can't believe I'm writing this, but...This "book" would've worked better as a short story.

What glimpses of plot I got from between all the female lead's sexual fantasies and the sex scenes between the aforementioned female lead and her masculine counterpart, the premise was good, the plot was tight and well-written, the characters were nicely developped and well-rounded...There was just too much sex, cloaking everything in a cloud of steamy pheromones.

In short, a pretty decent story crammed into an over-sexed package.


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