Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Flat-Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy

Title: Flat-Out Sexy
Series: Fast Track
Author: Erin McCarthy
Read copy: eBook
Published: November 4, 2008
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 1440608199
ISBN-13: 9781440608193

She met him at the racetrack...

...which was the last place Tamara Briggs wanted to find a man. Even a deeply intriguing, seductively sexy man like Elec Monroe. Tamara's a single mother now after losing her daredevil husband in an accident—and she's not about to get involved with another driver and put her kids, or herself, through that again. Besides, Elec's young enough to be her...younger brother.

Now things are moving a little too fast...

But he sure does get her heart racing. And after she's tricked into a blind date with him, Tamara gives in to her passion. Things screech to a halt, though, when he asks to meet her children. Whatever happened to wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am? Suddenly Tamara has to decide how big a risk she's willing to take to experience the thrilling, terrifying power of true love...

My rating:

Tamara Briggs is finally ready to move on. Two years after her husband's (a race driver) accident, she's ready to embark on a sexual relationship. Pity she isn't sexually attracted to the man she's contemplating embarking on a sexual relationship with...So she dumps him, and loses her purse in the process. Unable to book another room, get a taxi etc. she's lucky to meet an old friend, another race driver, who offers her his motorhome to crash in...And an escort to get her there...The same man who she flirted with a few hours ago. The embodiment of hotness in a yummy male body. And he's a good listener, too.

So Tammy decides to get adventurous and have a one-night stand, only to discover the young stud is a little younger than her and a driver to boot, when she swore off that species...

After the disappointment of Mouth To Mouth, I really wanted to like this book (the whole one-book-fluke thing). Well, it turned out I didn't like it, not matter how I tried.

A few pages into the book I couldn't stand Tammy's worrying about the age difference between her and Elec, what her friends might think of her fling, what her in-laws might think of her fling, what her kids might think of her fling...Okay, we get it, you're a worried woman in her early thirties, knock it off already and have fun boinking! Sheesh.

The second problem was the romance part, which was the main part of the story, besides the sex. This one didn't have a suspense plot, if we don't count the sub-sub-sub-plot of a groupie scorned in the end that wasn't really resolved.
The romance was nonexistent for me. They met, they flirted, they kissed, they had sex, they woke up, they had more sex, the exchanged a couple of texts, she turned down a dinner-date, he got invited to a party she attended, they had sex, they decided to be a secret-sex-having couple, they had more sex, he met her kids, they had sex, he realized he loved her, she loved him back, they had sex, a groupie accused him of fathering a child, they [Elec and Tammy] had more sex, he asked her to marry him, they had sex, he had an accident, she broke up with him, she came back to him, and they had sex.
Yeah, I can see the romance sparkling...Not!



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