Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: The Ghost of Goodacre Hall by Cassandra Curtis

Title: The Ghost of Goodacre Hall
Author: Cassandra Curtis

Read copy: eBook
Published: March 8, 2010
Publisher: Smashwords
ISBN: 0000833533
ISBN-13: 2940000833537

Matthew Lambert tried to run from his past, but when he decides to renovate an old house, he is forced to resurrect more than ghosts. Intrigued by the paranormal, Cadence Martin always loved Goodacre Hall. When she gets an invitation to attend the Victorian house's grand opening, she decides to see if the new owners are aware they just inherited the resident ghost, her great-aunt Miriam.

My rating:

Short, sweet and funny. A perfect little treat for a Sunday afternoon. I absolutely lover Miriam, the (matchmaking) ghost. She was a hoot when she was dead, I bet she was the bomb when alive.

And Ms. Curtis proved that you don't need the hero and heroine burning up the sheets (or other surfaces) in order to make a short-story interesting and readable. Bravo!


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