Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Sugar on Top by Leigh Ellwood

Title: Sugar on Top
Author: Leigh Elwood

Read copy: eBook
Published: 2006
Publisher: Phaze Books

What happens when a werewolf with an appetite for lust finds an undercover reporter hiding in his pantry? A feast for all senses.

My rating:

Total smut about a werewolf throwing a bachelor party for his friend and a gossip columnist that can turn invisible hiding in a hollow cake to get into his house and dig up some dirt so as no to get fired.

Before turning he gets hungry and when raiding two pantries doesn't work he goes for the cake...Only to get hungry for something a little different.

If this were longer, the rating would've been higher. As it is, it was entertaining (especially for someone with a cold and hence incapable of concentrating on anything longer or brain-cell-stimulating), despite its PWP-ish-ness.


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