Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: Door Prize by Lynn LaFleur

Title:Door Prize
Author: Lynn LaFleur

Read copy: eBook
Published: May 1, 2009
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 1102071285
ISBN-13: 9781102071280

Cindy thinks of only one thing when she wins the door prize at a sex toys party - trying out the items she won with Colin. It would be the most erotic time in her life, but she knows her best friend’s brother sees her as only a buddy.

Colin has wanted Cindy for months, but his subtle hints haven’t worked. When he sees all the erotic toys she won, he decides it’s time for a more direct approach Cindy is only too willing to accept.

My rating:

Another sizzler of a quickie, though it was a bit "too quick" for my taste. Not exactly PWP-material, but close. Everything seemed a bit rushed, but the story still delivered. We can't expect a Pulizer-award from a Nooner, can we?


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