Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Review: Lion's Heat by Lora Leigh

Title: Lion's Heat
Series: Breeds
Author: Lora Leigh
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: April 6, 2010
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 0425233804
ISBN-13: 9780425233801

Bad Boy Jonas Wyatt's personal assistant, Rachel, has had a child;an innocent new life that has been put in grave danger because of Jonas's perilous games and calculations played in the shadow-world in which he lives: the dark and sensual world of the Breeds. Now, Rachel is making only one demand of Jonas: that he finally take responsibility and deliver on the protection that only he can give.

Jonas has known for a long time that it is destiny that Rachel become his mate. He can sense it. He can also sense her reluctance. And for that, he refuses to claim her. He wants her on love alone and not because of the urge of the mating heat. But it is Jonas's destiny to claim her. And he *will* have his way...

My rating:

Jonas Wyatt is finally getting his due...

I had high expectations for this book. I've been waiting for Jonas' story almost since the guy first appeared in this series, and seeing how arrogant this lions was, how manipulative, I simply couldn't wait to see him brought to his knees by the right woman.

To say I was disappointed is a huge understatement.

Rachel sure didn't fill the bill for Jonas' mate, IMHO. I felt he deserved more, I expected, I wanted more for him. He got a whiny, emotionally-crippled, bratty icicle instead of a worthy female and mate.
I know it's all about the conflict between the hero and heroine, she has to oppose the mating at first, it makes for an exciting and exhilarating read, but this was a bit too much for me. Rachel purposefully hurt him at every turn, knowing what her denial did to him, yet still she persevered in her stubbornness.
For two thirds of the story!
I'm all for conflict, but not that much of it.

She finally came around in the last third (no one informed us readers th mating hormone can bring on a personality change as well), but it was a little too late. Where was the feisty, no-nonsense woman at the beginning of the story? The one who stood up to the Leo, defended her mate? The glimpse I got of her wasn't enough and came way too late for comfort.

It always comes down to the heroine for me it seems. But in this case she wasn't the only problem this book had. The lack of actual story bothered me, the villain appeared in the beginning and at the end, leaving a huge gulf in between that was filled mostly with the heroine's overreaction about everything and everyone, and generic, impersonal, going-through-the-motions sex scenes. I sure didn't feel the love that was supposed to be between them.

The only redeeming quality of this story was Jonas himself, but unfortunatley he lost most of what made him Jonas. He wasn't himself anymore, and I refuse to believe it was the only way for Ms. Leigh to "do him justice". Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing him so helpless against the mating heat (it's what I was actually looking forward to), so utterly sweet in falling in love, but the fact he lost a part of himself in the process didn't sit well with me. Whether another heroine might have made a difference is a moot point. What's done is done.


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