Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: His Personal Mission by Justine Davis

Title: His Personal Mission
Series: Redstone Incorporated
Author: Justine Davis
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: August 1, 2009
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 0373276435
ISBN-13: 9780373276431

Redstone computer genius Ryan Barton needed a favor from the last woman he wanted to see. Two years ago, stunning but cool Sasha Tereschenko left him without a word after a night of fiery passion. Now the missing-children expert was the only one who could help him find his sister. Was reuniting with Sasha worth the risk of losing his guarded heart for good?

Unwanted thrills shuddered through Sasha the second she'd heard Ryan's voice. Total opposites, she knew fun-loving Ryan had never wanted anything more than a casual romp—she was sure of it. Now she'd do anything to save his sister from an online predator, except fall for Ryan's carefree charms...again.

My rating:

Two years ago Sasha and Ryan dated for a few months, but since she deemed him immature, childish, a man taking all for granted, and skating on the surface of life she dumped him (or, as she would put it, walked away).

Now his barely eighteen-year-old sister is missing and Ryan turns to Sasha, and the organization she works for, for help. And she’s in for a huge surprise, the guy had changed. A lot. But she has little time to dwell on the changes for Ryan’s sister has apparently fallen into the clutched of an Internet predator and time is ticking.

Yet another good story from under Ms. Davis’ pen (or keyboard). Though the heroine and her pickiness was really annoying at the beginning (just because you take yourself too seriously it doesn’t mean everyone else is shallow!), the bothersome jabs at Ryan fortunately quickly ceased as she realized that Ryan had indeed changed or if he hadn’t so much, maybe she had been on the wrong a little two years ago.

This story was actually all about timing (as the author herself wrote in the foreword) — the timing between Sasha and Ryan (he had to grow up, she had to mellow down) and the tricky timing of finding Ryan’s sister in time.

The suspense was yet again good, intense and gripping, the pacing just right, and though I didn’t particularly care for Sasha and her initial attitude, the romance and it progress was a "breath of fresh air", keeping the reader riveted until the very end.


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