Monday, November 16, 2009

Review: The Stranger and I by Carol Ericson

Title: The Stranger and I
Author: Carol Ericson

Read copy: eBook
Published: December 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426810164
ISBN-13: 9781426810169


Lila Monroe's ordinary world was shattered in an instant, when she became an unwitting witness to murder. If not for devastatingly handsome undercover agent Justin Vidal—code name: Lone Wolf—she'd already be dead. Now the only way to remain alive was to return to the scene of the crime and put her much-guarded trust in this mysterious stranger. Before long Lila's attraction to her newly appointed protector had turned her plain-Jane existence on its head. Justin Vidal may have had an arsenal at his disposal and was well-equipped to handle any situation...but did that include falling for the girl next door?

My rating:

This was an amazing story up until page 79. Then the author’s writing style kicked in and it all went downhill from there. Sad but true.

Still, the suspense was pretty awesome throughout the book. The murder on page 2 (which the heroine witnessed) sucked you in and didn’t spit you out until the last chapter. Possible traitors jumped out from behind every bush, the heroine was in constant danger, the hero as the hero kept protecting her etc.

The three major problems were the style (seemed amateurish and thanks to loads of introspection and repetitions the pacing was stop-and-go throughout), the romance (I wouldn’t mind rushed, but it was rather awkward as well), and the heroine (for a marine biologist she was pretty silly and naïve, even pulling a TSTL stunt trying to save her kidnapped son—because she couldn’t trust a highly trained and skilled government operative to do it).

It would’ve been great with a better execution. 3 stars for the suspense part.


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