Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review: The Cavanaugh Code by Marie Ferrarella

Title: The Cavanaugh Code
Series: Cavanaugh Justice
Author: Marie Ferrarella
Read copy: eBook
Published: December 1, 2009
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 1426844867
ISBN-13: 9781426844867

While searching for clues in a murder victim's apartment, Detective Taylor McIntyre stumbles upon an intruder. Thinking she's got her killer, Taylor handcuffs him to a railing. The next morning, she's shocked when she runs into her "fugitive" at the police precinct. Even more infuriating is her undeniable attraction to him.

Private investigator J. C. Laredo finds Taylor's tough-as-nails demeanor a turn-on. And her stubborn refusal to accept his help in the murder investigation doesn't deter him. He always gets what he wants. But as the body count rises, J.C. and Taylor must race to find a twisted serial killer—before he finds them...

My rating:

Temporarily partnerless, Detective Taylor McIntyre visits a murder scene all by her lonesome, only to discover an intruder in the victim's apartment. An intruder that's pretty adept at getting out of the handcuffs she's slapped on him...An intruder that appears at the police station the next day. An intruder that's friends both with her brother as well as her stepfather. An intruder a.k.a. private investigator J.C. Laredo that is slowly driving her completely insane. And for all the wrong reasons.

As the killer throws two more bodies at her, Taylor grudgingly accepts Laredo's help in the killer's pursuit. But will she be able to keep the determined investigator from pursing her? And does she even want to?

This was another installment in Marie Ferrarella's series about the Cavanaugh (extended) family, and though I haven't read all the books in this series, what I have read convinced me to pursue this series into the future.

This was yet another quick-read blend of romance, suspense, wonderful police procedural descriptions, with two great characters thrown into the mix.
I fell head over heels in love with Laredo on first sight, rooted for him in his dogged pursuit of Taylor, and absolutely adored everything he did until the very end when he pulled the oldest alpha trick in the bag, but lucky for both of them stubborn Taylor, who was a force all on her own, would not be deterred. Two thumbs up for characterization, development and chemistry.

The suspense part of this book was also wonderfully written, nicely-paced, and well-thought-out. Though I spotted the killer (actually the killer's motive) from the get-go it was still a great experience reading the entire build-up.

Nicely done, Ms. Ferrarella.


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