Monday, November 23, 2009

Review: Out of Control by Julie Miller

Title: Out of Control
Series: From 0-60
Author: Julie Miller
Read copy: eBook
Published: April 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426831048
ISBN-13: 9781426831041

Legendary detective Black Jack Riley likes fast cars and faster women. But he's a man on a mission: going undercover at the Dahlia Speedway to avenge a friend.

Enter sexy, unpredictable young mechanic Alexandra Morgan. She's delicious trouble, with a capital T! She's also key to his success...

...if Jack can keep her from blowing his cover.

Their thrilling rides between the sheets are a sweet bonus. Yet no matter how hard and hot Alex revs his motor, vengeance drives Jack. If he loses control, he loses the case.

And even the raciest sex of his life isn't worth that....

My rating:

They came together one night, in anonymous "hand-made" passion in the darkened interior of his truck. Now, seven months later they meet again. Neither of the two has been able to forget that night of passion, but Jack Riley has bigger fish to fry than to embark on an affair with Dahlia's resident tomboy mechanic Alexandra Morgan. Even though he would love nothing more than to peel her large overalls off her and rediscover the highly feminine body underneath.

He's on a mission to bust the drug-trafficking ring and find the people who murdered his partner. He's undercover, and he doesn't need nor want distractions. And Alex is a major distraction. But she also can prove very useful in helping him with his cover. She would pose as his girlfriend (not that any of them minds that very much), and help him with his investigation...

With another winner, Julie Miller has officially become my favorite Blaze author! She can easily compete with my favorite Intrigue author, Jenna Ryan. They both write awesome suspense/romance mix stories, but while Ms. Ryan's romance is more along the sensual lines, Ms. Miller has no problems in getting her characters to heavily sweat their frustrations out.

And this story was no exception. The first two chapters in Nashville hinted heavily at the chemistry between Alex and Jack, offering a tantalizing prelude to the future events...To seven months later, when they meet again, and are immediately swept away by a full-body contact lip lock. Sure, it started as a means to an end—effectively shutting Alex up before she could spill Jack's secret, that's he's a cop, but his good intentions soon fled his head and the lip lock turned out to be just what it was. A very serious kiss.
And the chemistry just kept on building, and building, and building, starting with a late-night interlude in his pickup and culminating in a sweaty, angsty, and frustration-busting desktop session in her office. Did I mention this story was hot?

Not only hot, but with a hefty dose of suspense as well. The drug-trafficking plot offered plenty of clues and the nefarious residents of Dahlia, presided by Alexandra's high-school tormentor offered plenty of suspects. I sure didn't see the end twist coming, and it was a doozy. let me tell you that.
Well thought-out and nicely paced.

What I liked most about this story, though, were the two leads. Alex with her tomboyish attitude masking her true feelings and femininity, and tough-as-nails Jack Ryder that ended up so wrapped around her little, nimble fingers that he forgot all about the age difference thing that so bothered him at the beginning of the story...Maybe it all had to do with the fact she made him feel a decade younger when she told that "old fart" she used to fantasize about him during those seven months they've been apart.
They were just so cute!

This was a truly entertaining, slightly bitter-sweet, highly suspenseful read with a bunch of great characters (counting the two leads), wonderful chemistry, hotter than hot love scenes, and a sweet love-story in the making. This goes firmly onto the keepers shelf. 5 stars!


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