Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Review: No Regrets by Shannon K. Butcher

Title: No Regrets
Series: Delta Force
Author: Shannon K. Butcher
Read copy: Mass Market Paperback
Published: February 1, 2007
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 0446618659
ISBN-13: 9780446618656

Renowned cryptologist Noelle Blanche refuses to have blood on her hands. So when the military asks for her help in a covert operation, she refuses—until masked gunmen raid her home and threaten her life. Suddenly it's all too clear that any blood spilled may be her own. Noelle has no choice but to trust the dangerous stranger sent by the military to safeguard her. A stranger who is everything she detests, everything she fears...and everything she desires.

Former Delta Force operative David Wolfe thought he had left it all behind—the horror, the hurt, the guilt. But now the men who savagely murdered his wife have set their sights on a brilliant cryptologist who can lead them to the cache of weapons they prize. As passion ignites between David and the woman he's sworn to protect, what began as just a mission escalates into the fight of his life. But can he prevent history from repeating itself?

My rating:

I admit to being swayed in the direction of this series by browsing the author’s website, the reviews of this book, and the fact romantic suspense is one of my favorite romance genre (with PNR still being in the top spot).
I read this author’s first venture into the PNR world, and though it was similar to my two favorite series, I still wasn’t disappointed with her writing style, so I decided to give her RS work a go.

And I must say it "satisfied" me more than her paranormal work.

This was an almost perfect example of why I love suspenseful romance so much. It had a good plot, wonderful suspense and a worthy adversary in the guise of the terrorist group Swarm, great characters (along with the supporting cast – I can’t wait to read Caleb and Grant’s stories), wonderful chemistry, and some pretty hot love scenes.

And those scenes represented also the biggest problem this book had. They slowed the pacing, sometimes almost to a crawl, and I found myself often hoping the moaning and sweating in that dingy cabin in the woods would end already, so I could read more of the suspense stuff. There are some books that have such an intriguing and gripping suspense subplot that everything else almost seems redundant. Sure, the romance part was good and nicely-done, but I wouldn’t miss it if it weren’t there.
Also, there were a few parts (mostly inner monologue and reflections) that were a bit repetitive and slowed the flow of the story even more.

Still, a pretty good introduction into this Delta Force trilogy and despite all the pacing problems I can’t wait to start on Caleb’s story next.

Ms. Butcher should just stick to the suspense novels. She’s pretty good at it.


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