Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Review: Every Breath You Take... by Hope Tarr

Title: Every Breath You Take...
Series: Lust in Translation
Author: Hope Tarr
Read copy: eBook
Published: January 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426826257
ISBN-13: 9781426826252

Biotech hotshot Alexandra Kendall is in way over her head. It's bad enough that a business trip to Belize has put her in danger. But now she finds out that the man hired to protect her is none other than former FBI special agent Cole Whittaker—the same man who'd loved her (oh God, how he'd loved her...) and then left her five years ago.

Reappearing in Alex's life is one of the biggest risks Cole has ever taken. Once his undercover job forced him to abandon her. Now he has the chance to redeem himself—one scorching kiss at a time.

But first he must convince Alex that the safest place for her is in his bed....

My rating:

Five years ago FBI sniper Cole Whittaker met the woman of his dreams, but since he was undercover, his mission intruded and he left her stranded at the airport, brokenhearted. She refused to take his calls, blocked his e-mails and their story ended.

Present day. Cole left the FBI (his decision had much to do with losing the woman he loved) and is in the personal protection business. His latest mission—protect the fiancée of the CEO of a pharmacological company on her four-day trip to Belize. The mission gets complicated when the woman turns out to be his ex-lover, Alexandra "Alex" Kendall, the woman he lost to his job five years ago...

Another great mix of suspense and Blaze’s trademark. The buildup to the finale was nicely-penned, the suspense gripping, the love scenes hot, the romance a little heart-breaking. Personally I love these reunion stories, but this time I just wasn’t hooked. And it was all thanks to the heroine. As a female I know I should root for and sympathize with the heroine, but I just couldn’t stomach Alex (she was annoying at the beginning of the adventure, came around in the middle, and went back to annoying toward the end).

The biggest problem I had with her was the fact she was shagging (and planning to marry) a perpetually tanned, hair-dying millionaire pushing on fifty—can you say gold-digger? But it turned out she wasn’t a gold-digger, it was her thirty-five years old biological clock that was ticking, so she was settling. Sheesh. At least she could’ve chosen someone closer to her age to settle, someone who at least made her tingle, and not a control-freak who uses pharmaceuticals to keep the sex interesting. She could’ve searched for The One from five years ago for example.
But he ended up finding her instead.

The romance in this one was something to write home about, but mostly because Cole was such a softie that despite his government training and sniper background he wore his heart on the sleeve where Alex was concerned. But she had to be a bitch and make him suffer for what he did five years ago, even though he explained what his job entailed back then. But she still kept on whining and wallowing in self-pity...Boo-hoo. He wasn’t the one about to get married to someone else. He was the one who spent five years in love with a memory! Shame one you, Alex. Shame on you! Lucky for all of us, Cole turned out to be quite a stubborn guy, and refused to be pushed away a second time. Whew!

And I’m so glad I was right about the villain. I got the creepy feeling from the start and my creepy feeling was so right it’s unbelievable. Woo-hoo!

This could’ve been a 4-star book, but thanks to the heroine poor choices in the romance department and for her toying with the hero, this ends firmly in the 3-star slot.


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