Sunday, November 8, 2009

Review: Cold Case Cowboy by Jenna Ryan

Title: Cold Case Cowboy
Author: Jenna Ryan

Read copy: eBook
Published: February 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373692390
ISBN-13: 9780373692392

For Nick, the case of the Snow Globe Killer had grown as cold as the snow-covered Colorado mountains. Then architect Sasha Myer came to town—fitting the profile of every victim. After an avalanche trapped her on the wrong side of Smoking Gun Pass, the willful woman wished she'd heeded Nick's warning. Especially with a murderer in their midst. Stranded in the biting wind and driving snow, Sasha and Nick generated their own heat that threatened to thaw the cowboy's heart. But Nick had to stay focused because he was all that stood between a cold-blooded predator and his doe-eyed prey....

My rating:

This was another great example of why Jenna Ryan is firmly cemented in the top spot of my favorite Harlequin author list. The woman just can't do no wrong (at least in my opinion), and this book was yet another pearl of a story with an almost perfect mix of romance, suspense, and even some aspects of a regular thriller.

It had all mostly had to do with the atmosphere of five people stranded in a blizzard, cut away from the world by an avalanche and stalked by a deranged killer that strangles his victims, leaves them naked inside of a snow angel with a little snow globe beside their heads. He prefers blonds with Scandinavian descent and our heroine, architect Sasha Myer fits the bill just right.

Lucky for her she's trapped with the mayor, the sheriff and a Denver cold case detective on the killer's tail...And it wouldn't be a romantic suspense story if our heroine wouldn't fall for the sexy, monosyllabic-answer loving Denver cop. And he for her. Hard...And soon, despite the blizzard and frizzing temperatures outside, these two start generating some serious heat (even the owner of the lodge they're stranded in observed they were bound to set the sheets on fire). You just can't do better than that.

There are a few curve balls thrown here and there throughout the story, suspicious proven right, but not as right as they should've been, the sheets to get (almost) caught on fire, and the final twist packs quite a wallop. For someone who can (sometimes) spot the villain in a HI story almost from the very beginning, I can easily say that I didn't see that one coming at all.

5 stars!


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