Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review: A Long, Hard Ride by Alison Kent

Title: A Long, Hard Ride
Series: From 0-60
Author: Alison Kent
Read copy: eBook
Published: March 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426829566
ISBN-13: 9781426829567

Cardin Worth is ready to tune up her engine—with Trey, her former crush! However, he's a Davis—one of her car-racing family's bitter rivals. But she might be able to create peace, and also get some sizzling sex on the side...

...if Trey pretends to be her fiancé, that is!

Having a little fun on those steamy Southern nights seems like a great idea. Just to patch up the feud, of course. Then Trey'll be leaving town again—this time for good.

But Cardin's not sure she can relinquish the superheated sex...Because Trey's the most talented, uh, mechanic to ever look under her hood!

My rating:

Trey "Whip" Davis returns to his hometown only once a year, when his dragster team visits Dahlia, Tennessee for the Farron Fuels race. This year, though, he's staying a little longer, prepping his house for sale...And finally getting a green light to get close to his high-school crush, Cardin Worth.

Trey's father and Cardin's grandfather had come to blows a year ago, resulting in a severe accident for Cardin's father who just happened to be around, and a rift between her parents. Sick and tired of her parents separation, Cardin devises a cunning plan to get them back together - give them a common goal. And that goal is to break up her (fake) engagement with Trey, his Romeo to her Juliet. Of course, if he'll agree to her plan.

This was a cute, sweet, hot, quickie read, perfect to spend two hours of a gloomy afternoon indoors. With a bunch of likable (downright lovable) characters, steamy chemistry between Trey and Cardin, search for clues as to what the fight had been about, skirting the line between faking and reality, interesting sporty tidbits about the racetrack and cars, and a whopper of a revelation toward the end, this is a rather entertaining story.

I only wish the big reveal would've made a bigger impact, though. It happened approx. 40 pages before the end, giving the author plenty of time to throw a wrench or two in the cogs, but it all sort of fizzled away.


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