Saturday, October 10, 2009

Review: Zero Control by Lori Wilde

Title: Zero Control
Author: Lori Wilde

Read copy: eBook
Published: November 1, 2009
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426842678
ISBN-13: 9781426842672

Live it up—literary style! Guests are whisked away to Great Britain for two weeks of luxury adventure, history and plenty of naughty possibilities! Whether it's an illicit tower tryst, a romantic boat ride or even some hot dungeon action, your pleasure is our concern....

But both executive assistant Roxie Stanley and undercover security agent Dougal Lockhart have their own motives for this vacation. Except that sex—mind-meltingly great sex—is the only thing either can think about. It's forbidden. It's tantalizingly irresistible. And they're losing control...over and over and over!

My rating:

Dougal Lockhart has a secret. He's in England on a mission. In the guise of a tour guide, he's determined who is sabotaging the Eros Airlines tours and resorts. The owner of the company has been receiving threatening notes, but it is still to be determined whether they're just pranks or someone really has nefarious intentions.

And he might have just found someone with an agenda. The last woman boarding the plane back on American soil. She definitely doesn't belong on the Romance of Britannia tour with its erotic undertone of love throughout the ages. She's too innocent looking, too shy, too fairy-tale like...But Dougal knows she also has a secret. Could this fragile-looking creature that sends his blood pumping each time he looks at her truly be a saboteur?

Roxanne Stanley has a secret. She's in England on a mission. She's taken this tour as a corporate spy to report everything she sees and hears to her boss who's more than interested in Eros Airlines's erotic take on vacationing. Though spying is against her moral code, Roxie must do this in order to get a promotion, because she'll be damned before her sister Stacy drops out of college because they cannot afford the tuition.
There's just a little hitch to Roxie's plan. The gorgeous hunk in Shakespeare in Love attire complete with tight leather pants and bedroom eyes.

Despite they both harbor secrets, despite Dougal's suspicions, and despite the fact he's signed an effing morality clause that prevents him from "fraternizing" with the guests, these two soon discover they cannot keep their hands off each other. And they're bound for a truly hot vacation, but what will they do when the truth finally comes out?

Whoa! Someone get me a fan, something cold to drink and a bucket full of ice, because this one was a scorcher.

Not much of a story there (the conflict was resolved quickly, the saboteur has not been found yet, but the final little twist was a surprise), but it strangely didn't bother me. I usually dislike stories with too many sex scenes in them, but this book was fun. And the author did manage to squeeze some vital information about the characters to make them believable and likable in between all the "action".

Also, this book was rather daring for a Blaze. Not erotica per se, but closer than others in its category. We had role-playing (complete with period clothing), mild bondage in a castle dungeon, a one-sided climax in a bell-tower, semi-public sex on a river bend, etc. Actually but two of their encounters were somewhere they could be easily spotted, only adding to the excitement.
Yep, as I said. A scorcher.

A great story to spend a rainy afternoon reading. It sure will keep you warm. ;)

P.S. Since the saboteur hasn't been caught in the end and the final note promises more shenanigans, I really wouldn't mind reading more. Especially since Dougal has three friends that also went undercover for Eros Airlines.


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